October Monthly Report

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Happy November! It's time for October's monthly report. See past reports here.

Hello there! It's good to be back in this space for my report and on the other side of my new pattern release. It took a lot out of me to get it finished up and out into the world! I'm excited that the rest of the year is pretty commitment free. It will be good to have time for personal projects and gift making, and time to reflect and think about next year. Thank you to everyone who has made the launch of my new pattern, the Lined Drawstring Bag Expansion Pattern, a success! Looking forward to seeing your bags pop up, be sure to tag me on Instagram (@jenib320) or send me an email with photos if you aren't on social media! :)

Of course most of the sewing I did last month was drawstring bags! Most of them I shared in my pattern details post (see here), but this one I made for my friend Brianne's birthday! She made me a knitting bag from this same canvas print, so I thought this way we could be matching. The print is from Imagined Landscapes* by Jen Hewett.

I dusted off my serger and finally made my first garment of 2019! I have not been pulled to make garments this year, but as soon as the weather turned I knew I wanted a new sweatshirt. This is my 5th hooded sweatshirt that I've made, and I love each one. I traced a favorite sweatshirt from the Loft to make a pattern and have tweaked it to be a perfect fit. This is my second one made with this incredible bamboo/cotton stretch sweatshirting from Imagine Gnats. This color is the Rose Brown and I really feel like it filled a gap in my wardrobe. I also have a cut of Heather Lake that I want to sew up soon.

The only other sewing I did this month was on my holiday quilt! It's a big mash up of stash and a bunch of leftovers from a bundle of Tinsel* by Cotton & Steel. I'm using the 2x4 quilt tutorial by Ashley of Film in the Fridge. I'm really hoping to get this one finished up in November so we can enjoy it this season!

To keep myself accountable for my stash goals, I track my yardage for fabric and yarn each month. Read more about how I track here. Here is how I did in October:

October Fabric
Used up: 7.5 yards
Brought in: 11 yards
Net: +3.5 yards
Year to date: -73.5 yards

October Yarn
Used up: 0 yards
Brought in: 0 yards
Net: 0 yards
Year to date: -426 yards

New flash! I actually brought in more fabric than I used up! This is the first time since January, so I'm going to cut myself some slack. Most of the yardage that I bought was a backing for my Christmas quilt. Plus fabric for a new ironing board cover (that I already stitched up!). Planning to buy little to no fabric the rest of the year so I think my negative numbers are pretty safe!

I did a little ice dyeing! I need to take photos of the finished pieces, plus some pieces I dyed over the summer. It's so fun, and so different compared to other dyeing I've done!

Shockingly the dahlias are still going. There are blooms opening on two, but I think the flowers will finally be done this Friday when our temps dip into the 20s. It's been such a rewarding season and I've loved filling our house with flowers. It will be lonely without them this winter!

George the bunny, catching some sun! He LOVES to sit in the sun, but doesn't get a lot of opportunity. He was running around the other afternoon and found this patch for a little bath and nap. His fur gets so warm and cozy.

Have a Great Month!

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  1. So much going on with you. I love your drawstring bag.

  2. Your new Christmas quilt is going to be SEW much fun!! Love, love, LOVE the backing you chose for it, too. Best of luck with getting it finished this month!

  3. Great job with the hoodie...great great job!! Love the pix of your bunny in the sun.xo

  4. I love following your blog, Jen! This month you seem to be quite busy working on your Christmas quilt and making a darling bag for your friend etc. Your sweatshirt looks so nice and warm. Love that color on you! I always appreciate you sharing information about what fabrics you use and where to find them. I love that landscape fabric by Jen Hewett! Take care and have fun this month!

  5. I love your sweatshirt project, Jenny; it looks so professional and super cute on you! Thanks for sharing your fabric source, too. I would love to make some comfy stretch sweats for wintry sewing days.

  6. That sweatshirt looks so comfortable! George is so handsome, I too love having a little furry creature keeping me company as I knit or sew! Marissa@stitchclinic.com


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