April Monthly Report

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Happy May! It's time for April's monthly report. See past reports here.

I didn't sew a ton in April, but I did finish a few things! Right before Easter I whipped up this bunny drawstring bag, just for fun. I even made ties for once. I think it turned out pretty cute. This is my third bunny bag I believe, which doesn't seem like enough. The bunny fabric is Minny Muu* by Lecien.

Tutorial: Lined Drawstring Bag Tutorial
Pattern: Lined Drawstring Bag Pattern

I finished a quilt! Before things shut down I was contracted to make a quilt for a magazine. It should be out in the Fall. It was made completely from my stash which is always fun. I have had this backing fabric for years and years, it's super old Erin McMorris. Love when you have the perfect thing on hand.

I finally pulled out my vintage sheet bear paw blocks and made another one! I really should work on this project more regularly. I pull the fabrics and cut as I go, and I think that is what keeps me from working on it more. I typically pull and cut fabrics in advance for projects.

I've been sewing fabric masks using this tutorial by Craft Passion. I used my Cricut Maker* to cut out all the pieces which was helpful since they're curved. I used some of my fabrics for the outsides, since I have lots! I sent most of these to my brother, who is a physical therapist and a few for family and ourselves.

To keep myself accountable for my stash goals, I track my yardage for fabric and yarn each month. Read more about how I track here. Here is how I did in April:

April Fabric
Used up: 10.25 yards
Brought in: 5.5 yards
Net: -4.75 yards
Year to date: +2.5 yards

April Yarn
Used up: 0 yards
Brought in: 0 yards
Net: 0 yards
Year to date: 0 yards

I bought fabric! It feels like a good time to relax my restrictions a little and support some fabric shops. This haul is from Pink Castle Fabrics. A few blenders, some lawn and some waxed canvas. Excited to cut into these!

Speaking of small businesses, thank you so much to everyone who has been ordering patterns, books, twill and webbing from my online shop! You've been keeping me busy!! I have fully restocked all the twill tape styles and more cotton webbing is on the way, but for now there is still a little 1.25" left. :)

Two George pictures this month because we need it, right? I love this one of him, he wanted to smell the phone as I was taking the photo.

Such a handsome boy, love him so.

Hope you all are staying well and safe! Have a great month!

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  1. Love the quilt finish, and the bear paws.
    I love George so much. He is a very very good bun.


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