Work in Progress: Bear Paw Pillows

Monday, September 21, 2020

Happy Monday! I haven't been in this space much lately, but as the temperatures cool, I feel more drawn to it. I've also been starting to feel better physically, which is good motivation to spend time in my sewing room.

Lately I've been working on a set of pillows that will become my next pattern. I'm excited to tell you all about it!

The first set of these pillows I made for Quilts & More Magazine. These were one of my favorite projects I made for them, and I am looking forward to finally releasing them as a standalone pattern!

For more on these particular pillows see this blog post: Bear Paw Pillows in Quilts & More Winter 2019

New pattern means new samples! The color scheme for this set of pillows is centered around this moth print from the new Heather Ross 20th Anniversary Collection*. It's such a great color, the perfect blue-ish purple. The neutral print is also new, it's from Collection CF* by Carolyn Friedlander. The other prints are from my stash.

I love working with bear paw blocks in my designs, and these pillows are a fun twist on the traditional block.

As with many of my patterns, there will be lots of options. In particular finishing options. I'm finally writing up thorough instructions for my favorite pillow back method, a zippered back. There will also be instrucitons for making an envelope back and how to finish the pillow with pom pom trim, binding or without either.

I am hoping to release the pattern next week! The pillows are done and I'm pretty far into the computer work. Hoping this post helps hold me accountable. These colors feel very Fall to me, but I think this design would look pretty done up in loads of different color schemes!

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Those are lovely, so bright and jolly, I’m sure lots of people will enjoy making them. Love your sewing room too!

  2. The pillows look great! Looking forward to seeing the pattern. Your sewing room makes me want to sew.


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