Sew Along: Lined Drawstring Bags I'm Planning to Make

Friday, November 20, 2020

Happy Friday! I thought it would be fun to share a few of the projects I'm going to be working on throughout the sew along! If you missed the first post, it went up on Wednesday and you can find it here: Tips for Choosing Fabrics for Drawstring Bags.

The project I'm most excited about is an advent calendar! I'm making 24 tiny size bags for that! I've wanted to do this for years and I'm glad it's finally happening. I'm making them 'easy going' style without an exterior accent, and will be using my Cricut Maker* to cut vinyl numbers that I can iron on. I have all the fabric cut, next I need to tackle the vinyl!

I definitely want to make a patchwork gift bag with this collection of Christmas prints that my friend Jacey shared with me a few years ago. I'll probably add a few more fabrics into this mix, but I thought it would be fun to use up these scraps for a bag.

I started a scrap quilt a few years ago, but didn't get very far. I'm planning on adding to each block to make it the right size for a drawstring bag exterior. I think I have eight blocks, so I can make 4 bags if I want. I know it would feel really good to use up the blocks. And I also love the scrappy bags I make.

Lately I've been trying to use up some fabrics that have been in my stash for a really long time. This rabbit print from Creative Thursday was released in 2012, so I wanted to finally use it for something! Another gift bag seemed like a good solution.

I already know I'll be pulling fabrics for more bags along the way, this is just what I have planned for now, outside of the bags for the sew along posts!

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Oooh I can't wait to make some for my Grandgirls and friends--I love these...hugs from afar, Julierose

  2. Hi ! I can't wait to see your advent calendar ! And these Christmas prints look sooo pretty !
    I also participate in the Sew along! I planned to make a "small" snack bag using an old fabric with roses (very granny style), a project bag with strips of denim to which I planned to add a shoulder strap, and maybe (if I have time) 2 bags everything size for my kids.

  3. I LOVE the rabbits! If you have leftovers and want to destash-just saying!


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