March Monthly Report

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

It's time for the March monthly report. See past reports here.

I worked on a random assortment of small projects this month. I share this scrappy pincushion I made in a blog post here. It's the Sit 'N Sew Pincushion Pattern by Shannon Fraser. It was my scrap project for the month of March and also my new-to-me pattern to make in quarter one of 2021.

Made a new lined drawstring bag to share my new wooden beads. I held onto this print by Creative Thursday for many years. It feels good to finally use it up! This is the everything size bag. Pattern, twill tape and beads can be found in my online shop.

This set of coasters was a very long standing WIP. I had a completed set of four and then six more in various stages of completion. I taped a segment for a tv show 5 or 6 years ago and you had to have step-outs of the projects. It felt good to get all of them finished, even if they're mostly the same coaster. I'll never be short on coasters again!

I made two blocks for my vintage sheet bear paw quilt this month. This quilt is definitely taking a while to make, but I'm hoping to pick up steam on it this spring. It's going to be a good one.

Still weaving away! I finished another scarf, this one used up almost two full skeins of yarn. I have so much yarn, I love how much weaving uses. It's been fun.

To keep myself accountable for my stash goals, I track my yardage for fabric and yarn each month. Read more about how I track here. Here is how I did in March:

March Fabric
Used up: 4.5 yards
Brought in: 3 yards
Net: -1.5 yards
Year to date: -9.375 yards

March Yarn
Used up: 365 yards
Brought in: 0 yards
Net: -365 yards
Year to date: -1400 yards

I made my first fabric purchase of 2021! I bought a couple yards of black canvas to make more grow bags this this season. Pretty exciting! I passed a little fabric on to a friend too.

On my second birthday during the pandemic (whoa), we decided to sneak out and make a trip to a local nursery. It was only for about 15 minutes, but it was nice to go on an adventure instead of just being cooped up at home. They had tons of bulbs and pansies, so there was a lot to see. It was a nice day.

Speaking of plants, I've been busy starting all kinds of seeds. So far I have started dahlia, strawflower, portulaca, rudbeckia, tomoato and zinnia seeds. I've also been doing small batches of microgreens, which has been fun.

Leaving you with a little egg rainbow. I love to dye eggs, but don't really like hard boiled eggs much. So I carefully dye raw eggs. Now we can enjoy them for the next few weeks!

Have a great month!


  1. Thanks for reminding me where to find the grow bag tutorial!

  2. Bear Paw, scarf, stash cabinet, and rainbow eggs... beautiful!! It looks like you had a colorful month, Jeni. Best of luck with making progress on that quilt.

  3. I love seeing everyone's gardening adventures in the spring. I hope you will be able to get a vaccine soon where you live. I just got my first, but I will still not really go anywhere. My husband is fully vaccinated and he does the grocery shopping. I stay home and sew. :) Your weaving is beautiful also.

    1. Thank you! Yes, my husband and I both have appointments near the end of April. Can't come soon enough! Stay well <3

  4. Your fabric cabinet is terrific - just what I need! Can you share details?

    1. It's a Billy bookcase from Ikea with Oxberg doors.

  5. Love your naturally dyed (?) eggs! What did you use for them?

    1. Both the white and brown dozen were actually dyed with the same kit, just a typical cheap egg dyeing kit from Target!

  6. The bright-with-muted egg dyeing palette has made my day!


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