Friday Favorites 05

Friday, February 4, 2022

Happy Friday! I'm back with another Friday Favorites post. Hope your week went well!

- Especially in winter, I'm really grateful that I added some window suncatchers to our life! I have one in the kitchen, one in our office and one in my craft room. When the sun hits them they throw rainbows all over. It's pretty magical. This one from Kerry Letters* is giving these beautiful rainbows in our office right now. I also have some from Ann Lettering.

- The gingham duvet featured in this house tour on The Design Files (found via Pinterest) makes me want to make a gingham quilt with three fabrics. Which reminds me, I still need to share my gingham double gauze quilt I made last year!

- Really love the quilting on this pouch by Sew Katie Did (found via Instagram). she did it with her walking foot! Super cool.

- I've got strips on the brain right now and this quilt by Laurie M. (found via Pinterest) really caught my eye!

- I have a few pieces of artwork that won't work with standard US photo mat sizes. So I decided to pull out some paint and make some watercolor backgrounds to place the pieces on. A few I'm not quite happy with, but I love how this one turned out! Now I can finally display this mushroom print by Tink Outside the Box*.

- We've been having a freezer meal week. Challenging ourselves to eat from our freezer since we tend to go through spurts where we're only adding things to it! We've had leftover lasagna (x2), a Trader Joe's tofu scramble, manicotti, and made fried rice with frozen veg.

- On Tuesday I made these Lunar New Year cornflake clusters by Jun from Food52. They were fast/easy and super tasty. Very fragrant from the honey. Will be making more of these for sure!

- I finally watched the show Young Wallander on Netflix this week. I've had it on my list for ages. I enjoyed it and am looking forward to the second season coming out this month.

- Back in December I decided to recommit myself to wearing SPF everyday. I have been a bit lax the last few years because I wasn't finding a good combination for my skin. I finally landed on this mineral sunscreen by Kinship mixed in with my moisterizer every day. It may not be the perfect solution, but I've worn it everyday for almost two months! The best SPF is the one you actually wear, right?

- Today is the one year anniversary of George bunny's passing. I miss him so much. It is still incredibly painful, but I've figured out how to manage my grief better the last six months or so with the help of therapy. The ball in a box analogy about grief by Lauren Herschel really resonates with me and how I experience grief.

Have a Great Weekend!

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  1. What a wonderful post today. Thank you for sharing, Jeni. I often think about George when I'm visiting your site. He was such a sweetie. Sending hugs!

  2. Love all the links!
    I love the ball in a box analogy about grief, it’s so true. I remember thinking I wanted to send it to you at the time of sweet George’s passing. It is 6 years since the passing of my sweet bunny Mae Mae, and I can definitely say the ball does eventually get smaller, and looking at pictures and remembering various memories does eventually become mostly lovely instead of all pain. I’m glad you are feeling like you are starting to manage your grief better 💕

    1. It really speaks to me. Aww, sweet Mae Mae, I'm sorry for your loss. It has definitely gotten easier with time. I'm in a phase where I still can't look at too many photos or videos at the moment, but it will get better, I know!

  3. The ball analogy brought tears to my eyes. My only sibling died in February 2020. I'm going to think about this when I'm feeling sad. Thanks for sharing a picture of George the bunny.

    1. I'm so sorry for your loss. When I first saw that analogy it made me cry too. I hope it can offer your some comfort though, as it has for me.


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