New: Floral Chain Quilt Pattern

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Happy Wednesday! Today I want to chat about my newest pattern, the Floral Chain Quilt Pattern.

You can find the new pattern for sale here: Floral Chain Quilt Pattern

Hooray! Another pattern written and available. Many of you responded on my blog post and instagram posts about this quilt wanting a pattern written up. I'm working on a few other patterns at the moment too, which is why it took me about a month to finally get this one finished. The construction of this quilt isn't complicated, but the writing process (and math and diagrams) was more involved compared to my last few quilt patterns.

This strip pieced quilt is a fun twist on a traditional Irish Chain quilt. The flower blocks are a great opportunity to add a fun pop of color! I love how intricate the resulting design ends up looking even though it's all just squares! Color choice and placement do all the work.

This may not be a super quick quilt to put together, but the strip piecing definitely speeds it up. The strip piecing is not done with super long strips, to help keep a larger amount of variation between blocks. This is really only important if you are using multiple fabrics for each color. I also find it's easier to sew straight seams when the strips are shorter.

There are five sizes included in this pattern, and the cover quilt is the Large (66"x78"). All five sizes have the same size finished blocks.

Read more about this quilt here: Floral Chain Patchwork Quilt

The five included quilt sizes are: Baby (42"x42"), Small Throw (54"x66"), Large (66"x78"), Square (78"x78"), Extra-Large (90"x102").

Use a single fabric for each color or cut from your stash/scrap bin with the included piece totals and cutting guide. For my quilt, I used a large number of prints for two colors Fabric A (green) and Fabric C (purple). I did the opposite for Fabric B (cream/low volume print) and Fabric D (turquoise), only using a single print for each. This still allowed me to make the quilt entirely from my stash!

At the back of the pattern there are coloring pages with diagrams for the blocks, strip sets and each quilt size so that you can plan out your own color scheme.

I hope this pattern inspires you to make a quilt from your stash too!

You can find the new pattern for sale here: Floral Chain Quilt Pattern

Happy Quilting!

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