Scrappy Canvas Zipper Pouches

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Happy Tuesday! Today I want to share a scrappy project I undertook back in November.

It all started when I decided to completely reorganize my scraps. First I spent time getting my quilting cotton scraps organized back in color order this Summer. For a while I had my scraps organized by size and into groups of warm and cool colors. I ended up liking this set up less than I thought I would. For my work flow, it just makes more sense to have them organized by color. After tackling my quilting cotton, I moved on to the garment fabric scraps, linen, and canvas. It feels so good to have everything organized again, and it inspired me to make something!

Without really trying, I managed to pull three color palettes worth of canvas scraps. Zipper pouches seemed like a good choice, and I hadn't made any in a while! For the sizing, I used the pouch I keep my knitting notions in as a guide, which I made about ten years ago.

The pouch panels were randomly pieced, using the scraps as they were as a starting point.

Here are all three pouches that I made, all together! I had a lot of fun making these and it felt really good to use up some canvas scraps. I definitely have the hardest time using non-quilting cotton scraps. I'm hoping now that I have them a bit more organized, I'll be more inclined to use them! How about some photos of each pouch individually?

The purple one! This one I made for myself, because I love purple. :)

Primary colors for this one! I made this one for my friend Jacey.

And finally, a teal one. This one I made for my friend Amanda.

These pouches were a good reminder to myself that sometimes I just need some time to play around in my supplies. What started as a cleaning/organization project resulted in three finished projects! For me, time spent straightening up or organizing supplies is never time wasted. It could spark my next idea!

Happy Sewing!


  1. These random pouches are great. Gotta make me some!

  2. This is a great idea! I never know what to do with my canvas scraps!

  3. These are fab and I can’t wait to use some scraps I’ve inherited from a friend who’s moving to make some


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