A Quilty Coloring Book

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Happy Wednesday! Today I have a fun new project to share, I made a little coloring book! It's already available to purchase in my online shop, here: In Color Order Vol 1 - A Quilty Coloring Book It's a great excuse to play around with color for your next quilt project or just relax and enjoy some quilty related coloring! Let me tell you more about it.

I was inspired recently to turn some of my quilts (and some classic designs) into a little coloring book! It was really fun to think about what designs to use for this first volume (I’ve got plans!!), and figure out how to make good coloring pages out of them. It was also my first time laying out a booklet for printing, which was a fun problem solving activity. I love when I project becomes a learning/skill building opportunity.

The book is pretty simple and I’m making them completely here in my home from printing to assembly to shipping. There are 16 different quilts to color! The books are 5.5”x8.5”, printed on regular copy paper, nothing fancy! I’d recommend using colored pencils or crayons with these, markers may bleed through.

When it came to putting these books together, I knew I wanted to do it myself and stitching them on the machine seemed like a great solution! Why shouldn't a quilt related book have visible stitching? :) The book comes in four colorful colors and I'm using colorful thread for the stitching too!!

This is just a silly little passion project, but I had a lot of fun with it. I plan on making more volumes, because there are so many quilts that would make good coloring pages!

Find the coloring book in my shop here: In Color Order Vol 1 - A Quilty Coloring Book

Happy Coloring!


  1. These will make great gifts for my quilty friends!! Great idea! Can't wait for my order!

  2. oh jeni, how absolutely adorable. have just ordered mine. thanks for the inspiration once again. hope you have a most wonderful day! (-:

  3. I totally adore the purple/blue patchwork ziplock bag and wish I had canvas scraps like that to use for my own fun projects!!


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