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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Something New., originally uploaded by jenib320.

Feeling inspired to start documenting my 'outfits'. First and foremost because I think it will encourage me to become more creative and and thoughtful about what I wear. Secondly because I've been feeling pretty fashion inspired lately. I don't know how it will go. I'm very self-conscious about photos of myself. I just always find myself grabbing for the same items in my wardrobe especially during the school year and I want to wear more of my clothes! I think that this will help me refocus on what I wear.

The details of this outfit: Top-Old Navy, Leggings-Target, Shoes-Ebay (Old Navy), Necklace-Thrifted. I need a haircut!

Today I love the..
Smell of: Sunflowers
Sound of: Jackson Browne
Taste of: Lemon Poppyseed Muffins
Sight of: The Sartorialist
Feel of: Leggings

Good Things about Today:
- The Sartorialist Book!
- George was good today!
- Got bids on my ebay item!
- Beautiful weather again
- Feeling inspired

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