This Weekend

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Tote, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Couldn't resist making another tote bag!

Test Block, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Playing around with possibilities for my pink & brown quilt!

!!, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Managed to snatch these beauties off ebay!

Pretty-fied hanger!, originally uploaded by jenib320.
A little crafting, using this tutorial.

Cake, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Always love using my Pyrex!

George, originally uploaded by jenib320.
George :)


  1. great tote! George is as handsome as usual.

  2. Oooh, I saw the same hanger tutorial. Looks easy and fun! I love how yours turned out.

  3. I love your string 9-patch block! And those cups are incredibly cute!

  4. FUN post. Your Canaby china is pretty.


  5. Love the tote bag! the colors just pop

  6. What a charming blog you have! I just love your Pyrex and of course, your George!


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