Happiness is Pink Pyrex

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happiness is Pink Pyrex, originally uploaded by jenib320.
If you're a frequent reader, you may have noticed that I have had zero luck with Pyrex lately. That all changed today, FINALLY! I could not believe my eyes when I came upon these two bowls at a Volunteer's of America thrift store. As I got closer, I realized that for pink, they were in fantastic condition. After seeing the price, I felt faint. A 404 and a 403 for $4.97 and $3.97. Yes, please, I'll take two!

Vintage Fabrics, originally uploaded by jenib320.
I also picked up a few vintage fabrics along the way!

A little thrifting, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Yesterday, I went back for this beauty. She's in pretty bad condition, but it's one of my favorite patterns, I just couldn't leave it!

A little shopping, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Stopped by one of my favorite shops today, Hollo's Papercraft! It's fantastic. Also picked up this adorable fat quarter from JoAnns!

Fall, originally uploaded by jenib320.
I didn't take any fall photos last year, so I figured I better get out an snap a few before all the leaves are gone!

Fall, originally uploaded by jenib320.

Today I love the..
Smell of: Fresh laundry
Sound of: George running about!
Taste of: Cereal
Sight of: Pyrex
Feel of: Warm fleece pullover

Good Things about Today:
- Good progress on thesis work today
- It's only 5:30 and I've done 3 loads of laundry!
- Going to make these tonight!


  1. You had a great score on those Pink Pyrex bowls. I am so in love. Wonderful!

  2. Great finds! I've never see that blue pattern before, I would have gone back for it too :)

  3. Wow what luck! To be in a Pyrex drought and then to find PINK of all colors!!


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