Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Vintage Sheet Charm Packs, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Made up some new Vintage Sheet Charm Packs for the shop. The basket was overflowing with odd sized pieces just waiting to be cut up into squares!

AHH, originally uploaded by jenib320.
The fabric is TAKING OVER! I'm taking it as a sign that I need to do a little de-stashing soon! Things are just feeling really cluttered right now and I think ridding out a few things will help clear my mind and spark some inspiration! :)

Secret Bee Block, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Finally took the plunge and tried out paper piecing! This is a special angel bee block and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Really happy my first attempt was usable!

George, originally uploaded by jenib320.
George :)

Today I love the..
Smell of: Rain
Sound of: Jim Dale
Taste of: Rice Chex
Sight of: Fall leaves
Feel of: Warm fleece blanket

Good Things about Today:
- Heard a little good news concerning my thesis.
- Got the hive info for the 4th quarter of the 3x6 Mini Bee!
- Finally made it to the post office!


  1. everything on your blog is so pretty Jeni! I dont tell you this enough, but I LOVE YOUR BLOG A LOT. so much in fact that i visit it all the time and am constantly tell my boyfriends mom to make me quilts like you make.

  2. I love that paper-pieced dog - gorgeous!

    Also loving the vintage sheet charm packs.

  3. Woman your fabric stash looks a lot like mine! Except mine is waaaaay worse. You just need a cute little cupboard to stow them in. I should probably destash too but I love all my fabrics too much and I always tell myself I'll be glad I still have them someday. Your paper piecing looks great!

  4. Oh my goodness... that fabric!

    What is your thesis? I'm always curious.

  5. Hey Jeni,

    Just came across your cute blog while looking for inspiration for my first quilt, and I found it! I love your Sparkling Cider quilt, so pretty.

    Hey, I got my first rabbit just over a year ago and fell head over heels for her too. After a few months, I started researching rabbits and found that they're happiest in pairs or groups, as they get sort of lonely on their own. (You get them spayed/neutered first of course ; ) Now that we have more than one, they are SO cute to watch playing and hanging out together. And taking care of two isn't any harder than caring for just one.

    Anyhow, great blog. I will be back!

    - Jess


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