The Art of Choosing: Reader Fabric Stashes

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Art of Choosing is a series discussing fabric, color, and the fabric selection process. The purpose of this series is to arm you with the tools and knowledge to build your own color schemes for your sewing and quilting projects. You'll dive deep into your stash, organize it, and hopefully look at your fabrics in a new way.

Looking to get your fabric stash and sewing room more organized? Check out my new series: Sewing Room Organization Series

Reader Fabric Stashes
Today I wanted to show off YOUR beautiful stashes! It tickles me pink that you all are following along. So much eye candy and inspiration here folks. Get ready.

Full disclosure - stash
Tamiko @ Patchwork Notes

Organized fabrics
Jessica @ Twin Fibers

All organized!  14/365
Amanda @ Flickr

my favorite pieces
Erin @ Two More Seconds

Yahaira @ Bitterpurl

51/365 - Fabric Stash
Lindsay @ Eileen Josephine

Jennifer @ That Girl... That Quilt

Elizabeth D @ Don't Call Me Betsy

Fabric stacks
Joan @ Wishes, True and Kind

ready to sew!
Rachel @ Stitched in Color

Cindy @ Hyacinth Quilt Designs

Megan @ Mia Dolce Originals

Victoria @ Boutique Uniquely

Thanks for sharing! The next post in this series is on Supplementing a Fabric Collection.


  1. Wow, what beautiful fabric arrangements. Almost better than flower arrangements! :)

  2. Everyone's stashes look amazing! I really need to get to work organizing the rest of my stash by color!

  3. Wow! Such gorgeous photos and fabrics! I'll have to go through the posts I missed and catch up. Thanks!

  4. aawwww, how gorgeous .. thank you for showing us such beautiful fabrics.

  5. Awe! Thanks so much for including mine ... but now it just goes to show that I really need to follow the rest of your advice and organize by color! Maybe next weekend ;]

  6. I get it, I finally get it! I'm having so much fun folding all my gorgeous fabrics!

  7. Everybody's stashes look so awesome! I'd better get to work on mine, now!
    Jacque in SC

  8. Such pretty :). I am sooo jealous. A neatly organized stash is such a beautiful thing to look at.

  9. What fab organisation so many people have! Mine is not TOO bad, but not nearly pretty enough to want to show off here ;)

  10. Nothing like seeing a bunch of fabric collections to send me into serious stash envy. And I have more than enough fabric!

  11. piękne:) Kiss of the Polish

  12. Oh wow, I am very envious of these stashes. Mine is almost nonexistent.

  13. Seeing all the organization is fabulous...let me ask a question. I am in the progress of creating a board that you could fold your fabric around. I have seen the plastic boards and they are wonderful, but I want something more affordable. Would this benefit anyone?? Thanks for your input.

  14. I guess an email would be helpful...
    Thank you for the reminder.
    This is from Diane....and I posted on June 8, 2012
    My email is


  15. Question! How do you determine what goes into your fabric stash and what goes into your scrap basket? Maybe it's a silly question, but I'm just beginning to build a stash and have been collecting fat quarters. When I'm in a bee, I use bits and pieces of this and that fat quarter to make the various monthly blocks, so not many are whole anymore. At what point would they go into the scrap bin and out of the "stash"? I'm sure it is individual for everyone, but I'd like to hear what other people do about it. Thanks!

  16. Trim the jagged edges of the rip or hole with embroidery scissors. Lay the silk on a flat surface with the right side of the silk facing you. Thread a needle with one-ply silk thread in as close a color match as you can manage. Tie a knot at the end of the thread. Thanks a lot.
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  21. The CD rack storage is brilliant!!!!


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