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Friday, February 11, 2011

Jane Market Bag?, originally uploaded by jenib320.
Christina listed a bunch of her adorable Owl Block Prints today and it reminded me that I haven't used mine yet! I think I'm going to use it on the pocket of another Jane Market Bag! It will be a bit patchworky, pulling colors from these two My Happy Nursery prints from Cloud9! I'm excited to get cutting! Go snatch up one (or two!) of those owls, they usually go pretty quick! :)

Stitching, originally uploaded by jenib320.
This sweet Orla Kiely bookmark was included in the adorable OK notebook that Christina sent for our holiday ornament swap! It was just screaming to be stitched on! I couldn't help but be inspired with all the stitching on craft paper/fabric that Rachel has done!

Favorite, originally uploaded by jenib320.
My very favorite jar. Picked it up filled with vintage buttons years ago at my favorite antique shop. The lid is metal and glass.

Snake Plant, originally uploaded by jenib320.
My new friend. The snake plant! Planted in yummy vintage turquoise pyrex!

George, originally uploaded by jenib320.
George bunny!

Did you see that they announced two new teachers for Sewing Summit today? Really exciting! :)

Today I love the..
Smell of: Twisted peppermint candle
Sound of: Keane
Taste of: Japanese takeout
Sight of: George
Feel of: Pillows

Good Things about Today:
- End of a long long week!
- Had an adoption at shelter today!
- Martian child dvd came in the mail today!
- Took a hot relaxing bath :)


  1. First off love your new hair do:)

    Second I love,love that idea for the pyrex as a pot for a plant!!

    Third, the bookmark is so petite and cute.

  2. So much good stuff! That cloud9 is very clever with the owl. Your bookmark is going to be fab. Thanks for the link love =). And, agreed, very cute jar!

  3. always love a shot of George but I am worried that your plant pot doesn't have holes in it for drainage..

  4. I love the shot of George - rabbits and fabric on the same blog. Hurrah! I just wanted to let you know that I've put a link to your blog on mine, as your posts give me a big grin. George! Fabric and your wonderful colour style :) Go you! Also, congrats on being a teacher at Sewing Summit. x

  5. Thanks so much for plugging my shop and owls. ;) I was just thinking yesterday about what you might do with your owl. I think it will look great on the Jane Market Bag pocket!! I can't wait to see it. I don't think i've ever seen the jar lid with the glass still in it! That's awesome! And as for the bookmark - to die for! Love it!!

  6. Thanks for you little "good things" list at the end of every post. I love it! :)

    Also, thanks for volunteering at your shelter (and hurray for an adoption!). I worked as a vet tech at a shelter for several years until I was able to stay home with my (human) babies. Our volunteers were amazing, and such a great help for the animals!

    Lastly, I have a big piece of Alexander Henry fabric that is the same design as your Pyrex! So exciting!

    (I'm not trying to plug myself or anything, I am unfortunately not savvy enough to figure out how to link to a picture!) :(

  7. Hello! Wonderful post! I love all your fabrics as well as in your older posts! Great flower and adorable button jar!
    Kisses for your sweet bunny!
    Sunny wishes from Teje

  8. Color me embarrassed, can you tell I'm catching up via my Reader? I've just hopped over to the owl print block!


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