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Monday, July 2, 2012

Shot cotton top by jenib320
Shot cotton top, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
Hi there! Happy Monday! Hope your week is off to a good start. It's supposed to be crazy hot here this week (especially once you add in the humidity), so I'll be staying inside and spending plenty of time with my machine.

I managed to stitch up another top this weekend! I have a second one cut out and half-sewn, hopefully I can share it later this week.  For this one I used some teal shot cotton from a local quilt shop and Innocent Crush voile by Anna Maria Horner for the binding around the neck, hem and a contrast pocket.  I added sleeves to this one too!

Pattern is the Wiksten tank by Jenny Gordy.

New Quilt by jenib320
New Quilt, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
I finished up a new quilt this weekend using my Blogger's Choice Bundle from Fat Quarter Shop! I'm really excited to share it tomorrow along with a mini tutorial! I might just have a bundle for you guys too... ;)

Tennessee Star Mini by jenib320
Tennessee Star Mini, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
A few weeks back I stitched up this mini quilt for Amanda's birthday! She lives in Tennessee so I choose the Tennessee star block from 50 Fabulous Paper-Pieced Blocks by Carol Doak.  Love this book! And I'm very happy with how this mini turned out, and by how much she liked it!

New Camera Strap by jenib320
New Camera Strap, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
Lately I've been trying to make a bigger effort to buy handmade when I can.  It sometimes feels a little weird if you're a crafter yourself, but it also can make you appreciate it so much more! I couldn't resist this camera strap made by my friend Terri! I love the pink ends! You can get your own in her shop!

Orla Kiely by jenib320
Orla Kiely, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
I had a super lucky moment last week.  I was killing time before a doctors appointment and popped into Bed Bath and Beyond to stare at their Orla Kiely bedding again.  Orla Kiely is one of my design heros! I love her style so much, and my home is filled with products from her line at Target from a few years ago.  I knew I couldn't afford the bedding, but I wanted it so badly! It's just like the duvet covers from Heal that I've been lusting after for years.  As I was about to walk out of the store empty handed, I saw a set in the clearance section. It was the right size and it was 50% off.  With my 20% coupon, it was in my price range.  It does have a few light stains, but I'm happy as a clam! Look how awesome it looks on our bed! :)

Thrifted by jenib320
Thrifted, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
Hit up my favorite goodwill on Saturday and came across this amazing cross stitch. I snatched it right up, especially since it was only $.69.  I felt sad that it was so cheap and in a thrift shop, but happy that I can give it a new life! I think it's going to become a wall hanging!

George by jenib320
George, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.

I am excited to welcome some new sponsors to In Color Order! Surly Sheep, specializing in color wheel sets and color bundles, Emmaline Bags, modern bag patterns and hardware, Westwood Acres, fabulous bundles and precuts and Sprightly Fabrics, designer fabrics by the yard! Thanks for your support!

Today I love the..
Smell of: Fresh laundry
Sound of: Scrubs
Taste of: Toast
Sight of: George flopping
Feel of: Cool air conditioning

Good Things about Today:
- Finally used my wireless remote for the camera
- Ran some errands
- George and I managed to stay cool
- Happy mail!


  1. Great post Jeni. You look great in that top. Can't wait to see the quilt. And aren't Terri's straps amazing!

  2. I always think it is a little sad to find something homemade in a thrift shop. I usually find crocheted blankets, and have to resist the temptation to 'adopt' them, kind of like having to walk away from sweet little kittens that need a home :)

  3. What fun , Jeni! The bedding is awesome and the tank looks so beautiful on you. :) Looks like this summer is going to be hot and sticky here, too.

  4. I got my camera strap today!! It's a gift for my daughter. I get sad when I see handmade items in goodwill too. I hope my stuff always is loved. The top is so cute & I can't wait to see the mini tutorial. I hope it's the quilt that you posted on IG.

  5. Looks like you were able to find some incredible deals. I cannot wait to see your fat quarter bundle quilt! The color selection in your bundle is beautiful.

  6. What a pretty bundle you made up! I LOVE the colors and the quilt that resulted. :)

  7. i want george! he is just sooooo insanely gorgeous! Unfortunatly, we aren't allowed bunnies in Queensland :( just out of curiosity, what type of bunny is he?

    Thanks :) your blog is beautiful and very inspiring!

  8. oh whoops... email is :)

  9. That mini quilt is incredible - I love the colors! Thanks for sharing; you have a great blog and I love seeing what you'll come up with next. So inspirational!!

  10. The bedding looks great!! What a deal you got on it! I also love the shirt you made. Very fun!

    - Katie Fleming
    Kate Michelle Designs

  11. Your blogger bundle is such a pretty combination of fabrics - I keep visiting over at FQS. The duvet cover is great. My daughter introduced me to a product called Winning Colours (or Colors, in the US). It comes in a small (4 oz) squeeze bottle and it does a remarkable job of getting stains out of fabrics, even things such as paint. She worked at the hardware store and the ladies there used this product to clean up drops of paint on their smocks. And absolutely, great score finding it on sale at Target!

  12. Your shot cotton Wiksten is awesome! It's very flattering, Jeni! And I love the mini you made for Amanda. How lovely!

    I still can't believe that cross-stitch was so cheap, but I'm glad you snagged it. It is incredible!

    Hi, George!

  13. 69 cents!! That was a steal of a find! Sounds like a lucky week for you :)

  14. Bedding is perfect. Understand you wanting it so badly. and the person who cross stitched that piece would be so happy that someone else appreciated her(?) work. :-D Made me smile.

  15. Love the Tennessee star mini. Pieced stars are my favorite, the more labor intensive, the better ; )

  16. love your top jeni, you look so pretty. :) gotta love shot cotton for clothes, I just finished making natalie a dress with some and it's so pretty.

  17. I love your Tennessee star block and that cross stitched canvas was quite a find at Goodwill! Can't wait to see your quilt :-)


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