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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekend Fabric Dyeing by jenib320
Weekend Fabric Dyeing, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
Hope you have all had an enjoyable weekend! I was very happy to spend it in Upper Michigan at Holly's with Faith and Lee.  It was a great time filled with great conversation, yummy food, and even a bit of sewing! Holly was kind enough to have us in her home, which is beautiful! You can see lots of photos of it here!

Back when we started planning this weekend, Holly mentioned wanting to try fabric dyeing! I've done it a number of times now, so was happy to share my knowledge and supplies for a dye party yesterday! We ended up going crazy and dyeing up EIGHT yards of fabric between the two of us! Each step took a while, but it was great doing such a large batch all at once! We both ended up with some awesome results, you can see both our stacks together here. This time I dyed Seed Catalog from Annie's Farm Stand, and two prints from Ramblings by P&B Textiles!

Hand-dyed Fabric Stash by jenib320
Hand-dyed Fabric Stash, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
Thought it was time to take a new photo of my hand-dyed fabrics all together! I definitely need to do some more yellows, greens and red for sure!

For more dyeing adventures, see here.

The Birds and The Bees by jenib320
The Birds and The Bees, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
I could not resist a stack of Tula Pink's new line, The Birds and The Bees.  The colors are so intense, and the designs are just what you'd expect from Tula, fabulous! I plan on just staring at this stack for a while, it's so yummy!

You can find The Birds and The Bees at The Intrepid Thread, Fat Quarter Shop, Pink Castle Fabrics, Bloomerie Fabrics, Westwood Acres, Sew Fresh Fabrics and Sprightly Fabrics.

On the way up to Michigan, how could I resist stopping at a quilt shop? I was good an only stopped at one, Keep Me in Stitches in Appleton, WI.  It's owned by Amy (The Fabricologist)'s Mom! I found some gems and it was nice to get out of the car for a bit! It was a very friendly shop!

Icecream by jenib320
Icecream, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
Weekend getaways require ice cream. This mint mac fudge did not disappoint!

George by jenib320
George, a photo by jenib320 on Flickr.
He kills me!

Today I love the..
Smell of: Clean laundry
Sound of: Harry Potter 5 audiobook
Taste of: Diet Coke
Sight of: Michael & George!
Feel of: Home

Good Things about Today:
- Safe drive home!
- Good weather!
- Happy mail waiting for me!
- Getting a few things done tonight!


  1. Your fabrics that you died are AMAZING!!!!! I wish I could do that! I have to ask, did they start out a white fabric or were they already colored???

  2. The colours of your hand-dyed fabrics look fabulous.

  3. Yahaay! For sewing with friends! I love how the colours in your dyed fabrics match the pile of Tula's, just yummy!

  4. I had so much fun with you girls this weekend! Thanks for making the trip and sharing your dyeing skills with me :) We'll have to do it again sometime soon!

    Can't wait to see what you make with that Birds and The Bees stack! The colors in that line are so pretty.

  5. Beautiful hand dyes. Next time you come through Northeast Wisconsin there are some other good quilt shops to stop at as well, though Keep Me in Stitches is a good one.

    Paula, from Green Bay

  6. I love your stack of hand-dyeds! Very pretty!

  7. I love that store. It is one of my go-to stores in the area since I live by Appleton.

  8. beautiful! after spending 20 minutes completely mesmerized by your flickr photos I ordered Malka's book. thanks for the inspiration.

  9. OH I need to go see that quilt shop when I go up there in OCT. Thanks for the review!

    Your fabric dying project is gorgeous---so very pretty!

  10. Your fabrics look amazing! Is there a reason you chose procion over the Fiber Reactive Dye which is suggested on the Dharma website for cotton? I just ordered some fiber reactive dye from Dharma last week. Maybe I ordered the wrong thing?

  11. All those colors are just amazing. I love them all especially the blues and the purples and the pinks and the oranges and the greens. Did I leave any out?

  12. I love it, the color burst.. wow

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  14. Your dyed fabrics are awesome, loving the colors. I am excited to see what you create with them, whatever it may be will be fab!

  15. I love those dyed fabrics! You did such a great job.

    Mint chocolate chip is my favourite too.

  16. Sounds like a fantabulous weekend, love the fabric dyeing results

  17. I love those fabrics, those colours look amazing!

  18. Mint ice cream is my favorite :-) That looks amazing. The fabric turned out great, too!

  19. oh man - those are BEAUTIFUL! Do you start w/white fabric? and the prints on there ... how do you get white on white prints - - are there are a lot of those fabrics out there?! they look amazing dyed like that. OOO - makes me want to do it myself! do the colors stay when you wash or are they more prone to discolor and bleed?

  20. This is so inspiring! I really want to try this - thank you for the idea!

  21. I just ordered a bundle of The Birds and The Bees today - I can't wait to stare at it myself! And to see what you do with yours!

  22. I'm glad you guys had fun! What a stack of fabrics! Love!

  23. The fabrics look great. Curious, how do you ensure that the colors don't run?


  24. Lovely stacks of dyed fabrics! So glad you had such a good time. And what a pretty outcome! =)

  25. I love how George is already eating his basket LOL so cute.
    hugs Jeannie the dogs and wicked cat in Australia


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