Fall Quilt Market 2012

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wow! I don't even know where to begin! First of all, it was so weird not being in this space over the last week.  That's the longest break I've taken in over a year.  I was so hoping to blog while I was at Quilt Market, but I just couldn't swing it.  I left my hotel room at about 8:30am everyday and the earliest I got back at night was 10pm! Needless to say I feel like I could sleep for a week! :)

I flew into Houston on Thursday and was greeted at the airport by my sweet friends Jacey and Brenda! We met up with Rossie and Lynn and grabbed some lunch. The perfect way to start off a crazy weekend, I'm sad I didn't get to see more of them! As soon as I arrived at the convention center it was build, build, build! I worked with the Art Gallery Fabrics team unpacking, building and organizing the booth. We continued the next day and managed to squeeze in a few Schoolhouses too! On Saturday the show officially opened! Ready for lots of photos?

As a part of the larger Art Gallery Fabrics booth, I shared a space with Angela Walters. Angela was showing her first collection, Textures.  I was also showing my first collection, Color Me Retro! It was a lot of fun stitching up projects to fill these cubbies! I'll share photos of all the projects later this week!

It was a mad-dash to get all of these sewn up between Sewing Summit and Quilt Market.  I had approximately two fat quarter sized strike-offs of each print to make everything you see in my booth! I was so happy with how far I was able to stretch it with the help of Art Gallery's fabulous blenders and solids

Here you can see a better peek at the Art Gallery Fabrics booth.  That's Sarah Watson, one of the talented new designers, and Anais, the force behind AGF's social media!

Pat Bravo's booth featured one of her new collections for Fall, Rock n' Romance! It was so fun and edgy! I loved the lettering and all the small details, she even had a guitar in there!

Fall Market 2012 - Bari J by Jeni Baker
Fall Market 2012 - Bari J, a photo by Jeni Baker on Flickr.
Bari J went above and beyond with a fantastic ruffle bedspread and accessories! She was showing her collection for Fall, Splendor 1920! So much goodness!

Sarah Watson's booth was amazing! She drew with chalk all over the walls and even won Best New Exhibitor Booth! She was showing her collection for Fall, Luxe in Bloom!

Art Gallery Fabrics Catalog by Jeni Baker
Art Gallery Fabrics Catalog, a photo by Jeni Baker on Flickr.
A little peek into the new Art Gallery Fabrics catalog! How crazy cool it is to see my collection in there! I can't wait to have sample yardage of my fabrics so I can sew, sew, sew! It will hit stores in February!

Pretty Fabrics by Jeni Baker
Pretty Fabrics, a photo by Jeni Baker on Flickr.
It's almost impossible to come home from Quilt Market without any fabric! Picked up some Modernology and Paradise both by Pat Bravo! Thanks Pat! :)

Pat and the AGF Ladies! by Jeni Baker
Pat and the AGF Ladies!, a photo by Pat Bravo on Flickr.
Seriously, exhibiting with Art Gallery Fabrics was such an amazing experience.  It really is one big family, between Pat and Walter Bravo, their son Alex, and the amazing women who work tirelessly behind the scenes, Anais, Angie, Kathy, Laura, and Marcela.  I had so much fun getting to know everyone better and laughing more than I have in a long, long time.  They really made me feel like I was part of the family, and I feel so happy, grateful, and lucky to be working with them!

I can't forget the other AGF designers, Bari, Sarah, and Angela.  You ladies are awesome, I really enjoyed hanging out with you! Your support means a lot!

Sarah and I by Jeni Baker
Sarah and I, a photo by Pat Bravo on Flickr.
Everyone worked really hard to make this weekend a success, but I tell you what, we had a lot of fun too! :)

Phew! I could say so much more! I saw and met some really awesome people this weekend! I am excited to see the photos trickle in, I wish I had taken more! Thanks to everyone who stopped by!  You can see a few more photos that I took on flickr, here.



  1. Love the pics!!!! I hope to be there some time soon but it's a long trip from here. I'm based in Dublin so went to Birmingham this year which is closer! Hope to be able to buy your fabric range in here soon. I totally love it!!!!!

  2. Glad I got to meet you in person. What a great but busy weekend.

  3. Have been so looking forward to your "report" :) It so brightened an otherwise gray (in so many ways!) day!! Can't wait to get my hands on that Retro!

  4. I LOVE your patchwork Collor Me Retro quilt. It's so fresh and inviting. I love when a simple patchwork quilt can be so surprisingly refreshing!

  5. I'm super impressed that you got all the sewn 1) in such a short time and 2) with so little to work with! But yes, AGF do make fabulous blenders! Can I ask what it is you actually DID at Quilt Market? What did you talk about with the shop owners, etc?

    1. Sure! I spent almost all of my time in the booth, chatting with folks about my inspiration, how you can use the fabrics, showing them the projects they made and answering any questions I could!

  6. jeni!!! what a fabulous booth you had! congratulations again on that wonderful fabric line! i can't wait for it to come out! i'm thrilled for you! :)

    and george, oh that george! did he miss you?! love that shot of him on that vintage sheet!

    happy halloween! :)

  7. I am so, so happy for you Jeni!! Looking at your fabrics and booth makes me emotional for you, as I imagine how much it all must mean to you to be having one of your big dreams coming true! You deserve so much success, congratulations!!

  8. Congratulations Jeni well done, what an achievement.

  9. You are awesome, Jeni! I had so much fun with you, even though it was too brief! Hope to chat with you again soon!

  10. You should put your feet up, grab a Diet Coke and your favorite quilt and REST!!! Congratulations on your achievements...can't wait to buy Color Me Retro!! (maybe by then I will have moved beyond pincushions, hehe :)

  11. I love your fabric in the Side Braid pattern. Get some rest. :)

  12. The pic of George at the end made me smile. I hope he will be on your Christmas cards.

  13. Thanks for a great re-cap of your market experience. I cannot wait until your fabric is released.

  14. Yay Jeni! Your booth looked amazing! I'm sure it was a whirlwind getting ready and being there - I can't even imagine. I'm sure George was so happy to see you again.

    You are awesome. I can't wait to see your fabrics in real life! :)

  15. You are like the MOST organized person I've ever met. Amazing.

  16. Looks like market was so fun. Your booth looked beautiful! Exciting things for In Color Order for sure!

  17. I wish you had the option for a like button under your pictures, because that's what I wanted to do as I ready your post: Like! Like! Like! Like!


  18. A fabulous display, I am so looking forward to your collection. I will not be able to wait and see if it comes to the UK, I intend to be sewing with it as soon as the postal service can get it too me after release. It is earmarked for my bedroom.


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