Giveaway Winners!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Finally we have giveaway winners! Thanks for your patience, time really got away from me on these two! :)

First up, the winner of the lovely goodie bundle from Form & Fabric, is #836 Dora the Quilter!

Next, the winner of the Floressence fat quarter bundle from Art Gallery Fabrics, is #70 Mama Mama Quite Contrary!

Thanks to all who entered!


  1. My congratulations to the two lucky winners; enjoy your fabric.

  2. Hi Jeni, I don't know where the best place to ask this is, so I will comment on here and hope you read your comments. I know you are super busy, but I think you are also a super women, so probably read all of your comments..right :P
    I am a horrible fabric selector...I always get it wrong, and usually end up hating my project before I even finish it. If I was closer, I would come and see you in a class, but I'm all the way over in Aus, and so all I can do is follow your blog like a mad woman.
    I am about to begin a Farmers Wife Sampler (yeah, right?! I really need a new WIP like a bump on the head!) and I need to choose fabrics....what would you select? I've never not loved anything you have!

    1. Collections by the same designer are a safe, easy way to let the artist pick the prints that go together. Do you have access to pre-cuts? Layer cakes can be used to create any block.
      Also, the Color Wheel. Opposites attract is a great rule for colors. Yellow and Purple (think Easter), Red and Green (think Christmas.) Find an artist's color wheel and take it to the store with you. Some come with a red & blue plastic film that helps you determine value and dominance.
      Finally, contrast. The most beautiful fabrics can be lost in a mash of color if there is not enough contrast. But contrast requires a certain confidence because it makes your colors and piecing POP! And that Pop makes the quilt so satisfying & pleasing in the end.
      Here is a new Color Book by Martingale.
      Hope all of this helps! Oh and enlist a vocal friend to go fabric shopping with you, one who will say Yikes if you start mixing the wrong fabrics together ;)

    2. One more thing: the grass is always greener when you look at someone else's quilt. I bet we would love your quilts.
      Do you have a blog? Post your pictures up there and ask for comments on fabric choices, colors, etc. The blogosphere is full of vocal quilters (just look at me, babbling on as if I know anything...;) You have cheerleaders around the globe.

    3. Thank you very much! I had a blog, but closed it recently because I felt like I wasn't posting enough and it was just another thing on my huge list that I had to do each day! I really appreciate your help, and am now following your blog :)

  3. Oh, wow! I won! Oh, my! I am so excited! I'm sure this will become a prayer quilt--I just don't know who will be the recipient. Guess I'd better get busy thinking! Thank you so very much. It's so nice to feel some luck!

  4. Congratulations to the winners! Enjoy!

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day!

  5. YAY!!!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it!! Thanks for making my month! I can't wait to use the fabric. Thank you! Thank you Jeni!

    I'll email my address. :-)


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