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Friday, September 6, 2013

Favorites by Jeni Baker
Favorites, a photo by Jeni Baker on Flickr.
1. Shoot for the Stars Pillow, 2. Supernova Quilt, 3. A Butterfly Quilt, 4. xPlus Top, 5. Quilt top, 6. Mini Scrappy Drunkard's Path Quilt, 7. Rainbow Medallion, 8. X- Factor Pillow "Spring", 9. Pinky Pop

Since I missed last Friday's favorites post, how about some favorites from the In Color Order Flickr Group! So fun seeing all the awesome stuff you guys make!
1. Lined drawstring bag, 2. HST quilt feather quilting, 3. Sparkle Quilt in Timber & Leaf, 4. Mitten to Apple: Coral+Turquoise 1, 5. Tiny Lined Drawstring Bags, 6. Floral Chevron (In Color Order's Patchwork Chevron), 7. "Four Blocks", 8. HST zipper pouch & key fob, 9. Wonky Star

Every week I go through my favorite photos on Flickr, and choose nine sewing/quilting related projects to showcase here. These photos and projects are not my own, you can find the original images and creators by clicking the coordinating links! If for any reason you do not want your project featured here, please email me and I'll remove it!
Happy Friday!


  1. Oo thanks for featuring my rainbow medallion! It's always a pleasure to be featured in your favorites :)

  2. I love Maureen's butterfly quilt, too. It was my favorite this week

  3. So cool to see my little zipper pouch -- thanks for including it! I gave it to my sister for her birthday and she loved it. Your tutorial was super easy to follow... I might have to make one for myself. I accidentally cut out too many pieces anyway, so I'm part of the way there! Haha. :)

  4. Thanks for featuring my mini! And yes, Maureen's butterfly quilt: gaaaaaah! So creative and beautiful!

  5. Thanks for sharing my project Jeni - I love seeing all the great things you pull together each week!!

  6. Thanks for featuring my HSt quilt! I reaaly enjoyed making HSTs while making the quilt!
    Amira @ http://littlemushroomcap.blogspot.com

  7. Beautiful stuff!! <3


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