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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Magazine Features by Jeni Baker
Magazine Features, a photo by Jeni Baker on Flickr.
Happy Thursday! I have a few fun magazine features to share with you today, a few that I've been meaning to chat about here for a while.  It's amazing how fast this last part of the year is flying by! Brace yourself for lots of photos!

The first magazine I want to talk about is the brand new Love, Patchwork & Quilting.  It recently went from a quarterly magazine to a month magazine, and I'm so happy to continue to be involved with this publication.  Jenny Fox-Proverbs, the editor, has such a great eye and the projects and designers she has pulled together for these first two issue have been awesome! They're a real joy to work with, and I'm honored to be a part of it all!

I have a project in this issue, but more importantly, I'm writing a monthly column! It's called Jeni Baker's Stitching Notes! I've really enjoyed working on it thus far, it's been such an interesting change of pace from my regular writing.  It's crazy how quickly 500 words slips by! In this first issue I'm sharing my thoughts on patchwork and a bit of get-to-know me.

My project for this first issue was the triangle baby quilt made from Nordika that I created for my Spring Quilt Market booth!

You'll also find a step-by-step technique tutorial for piecing equilateral triangles if you haven't done so before! This issue hit newstands in the UK in October, but is just now hitting newsstands in the US.  You can find it at your local Barnes & Noble and JoAnn Fabrics Stores!

You can also find issues and subscribe online, here.

The second issue of Love, Patchwork & Quilting is hitting newsstands in the UK right now! It should be available in the US in a few weeks!

This issue's column is all about quilting on a domestic machine!

You'll also find my coupon and business card envelopes in this issue, along with my Framed Quilt, a quilt I created using Color Me Retro for Fall Quilt Market last year!

Beyond my personal projects in these two issues, they are absolutely chock full of good stuff! I hope you'll check this magazine out!

I am totally late to the game about sharing this feature with you! It is an issue behind in terms of the newsstands, but you can find it on the Fons and Porter website here. This is the September/October 2013 issue!

Pyramid Dance Quilt by Jeni Baker
Pyramid Dance Quilt, a photo by Jeni Baker on Flickr.
My project in this issue is Pyramid Dance! I drew up this pattern way back.  Probably as far back as 2011.  I was in the process of making a couple other versions to be released as a regular pattern but it just didn't work out.  When Quilty approached me about designing a couple of quilts for them with Color Me Retro, this pattern resurfaced and I'm glad it did.  It's a healthy baby size, and is a lot of fun to stitch up! They have a kit available for this quilt too, you can find it here!
Finally, in the December issue of American Patchwork & Quilting, you can find the scarf I made using the panel print from Nordika in their Gift Guide section! It's on newsstands now!

Thanks for letting me share my projects!


  1. absolutely beautiful as always! <3

  2. Love the Pyramid Dance! Great patterns - congrats!

  3. Wow ! Great work, you're everywhere. I really like the love patchwork mag, will look forward to seeing your column, too

  4. These are all lovely. Quilty is my favorite magazine (I'm in the Nov issue) and I just love that Pyramid Dance quilt! So colorful and fun :-)

  5. Congratulations, you get so much done, I think there are at least a couple of those magazines I want to pick up!

  6. wspaniałe magazyny i piękne prace:)
    szkoda, że u nas niedostępne:)
    patrzę, podziwiam i pozdrawiam :))


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