Sewing Room Refresh

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sewing Room Refresh
Happy Tuesday! I finally have photos of my sewing room in it's new state! This past winter we seriously considered finding a new place. After having no luck and getting frustrated, we decided to stay in our current apartment and make the best of it. Part of this meant making the space work better for our needs. Michael built a desktop computer so that he could write from home, and it was not ideal to have it live on our kitchen island! The sewing room was the obvious place to squeeze in a desk for him.

See photos of my sewing space before, here.

Sewing Room Refresh
Once we commited to spending the rest of our time in Madison living in this apartment, we agreed to invest in some furniture that would allow us to take better advantage of the space. This meant my dream came true of owning an Ikea Expedit unit! I went with the largest unit because, well why not! It houses most of my vintage enamelware collection, vintage sheet stash, and various other collections and supplies.

Sewing Room Refresh
I also happen to have 50 rolls of fabric to store (woe is me!), and these cheap galvanized trash cans from Farm & Fleet have been a great solution. As you can see, I am still adjusting to this space, there are still a few piles here and there!

Sewing Room Refresh
Sewing Room Refresh
The Expedit unit in all it's glory!

Sewing Room Refresh
Sewing Room Refresh
I love being able to display all of my little knick-knacks and collections!

Sewing Room Refresh
Michael's corner is pretty subdued compared to the rest of the room, but it gets the job done! We went with a Micke desk from Ikea. We are using nearly every inch of that wall, there is about a 1/4" of wiggle room! I'm still trying to figure out what to hang above the desk, I need another little shelf for more treasures! I love being able to have my serger out as well, makes it much more likely that I'll use it!

Sewing Room Refresh
The lone window in the room looks out into the woods, which is a great ironing view. The white shelf holds my pincushion collection, which is getting a bit large! My Dad and I made the shelf together last summer.  The window sill holds most of my Hello Kitty tin collection and Minions!

Sewing Room Refresh
The view above my sewing table is pretty unchanged. I do change out my bulletin board every six months or so, and I picked up a hanging file organizer at Ikea as well. Helps keep things semi-organized. My Lalaloopsy dolls and Unazukin dolls live in the vintage coke bottle box!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a peek into my workspace! It's been adjustment sharing my room, but it's really nice to have some company when I'm working. We like to let George have a run around while we're back there too!


kimberlier said...

What a creative space. Love all your knick knacks and how they each have a home. Thank you for sharing.

Addie said...

Love your room! So much color and fun stuff!

SarahZ said...

How wonderful!!!!!

Gen Quinn said...

Oh, that looks just like me! I love everything in that room!

Diane Beavers said...

Jeni, what an awesome transiton...It's functional, organized, very colorful.
Sewing anytime of year has to be inspiring for you w/your views of outside. I agree MR's area needs some perk.
Thank you for sharing your new View. The City of Madison is so beautiful and quaint for a Capitol city. I grew up in that region.

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Rosemary B here:
I love that both of you can work together in the same room. That can be very motivating -- well, I think so.
I love how you organized everything. Well done, Jenny!. This is just perfect.
People that have a larger living space tend to waste a lot of if with clutter
Your room looks organized and functional!

Liz said...

What a colorful, fun, and creative use of your space. I am looking at down-sizing and you've given me some great ideas. Thank you!

Doreen said...

Nice job, very colorful, love it.

Andrea @ Mouse in My Pocket said...

Your room looks great. I love the idea of those galvanized trash cans for rolls of fabric, too bad I tend to collect my fabric in much scrappier sizes. I think they would just get lost in a big can. But that Expedit shelf looks amazing for smaller amounts of fabric. It must be nice to have it all where you can see it.

Mia said...

Wauw, I just discovered your blog, because someone I follow on Instagram told me about your diy's, I'm in love with Cathrineholm Lotus and I'm amazed how big your collection is:)
Kind Regards Mia (from Denmark)

Jacey said...

It's such an excellent use of your space. I love your studio!

Unknown said...

i love your collections of pots and pans

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

I always love seeing where others create but I don't see George anywhere.

Collaborate and Thrive said...

Great room! so colorful and inviting! Where did you get your harry potter sign from?

Rona said...

I love how you have everything in its place. I bought something like the expedit from Ikea as well. I am new to quilting and buying fabric like crazy. The small unit I had only had 6 spaces and I need so much more!.....hahaha :)

pieces said...

As busy as you are, girl, how do you keep your "pretties" so clean and shiny?? Maybe there is no dust in WI!!
Such an adorable couple - soooooo easy to see you are soul mates - it's all there.