Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Scotch Icecream in New Glarus, WI
Happy Wednesday! I realized this week as I looked over my tentative blog schedule for September that I hadn't done a "catch-up" type post in a long time. Summer came and went in a flash and I didn't do much to document it. Something about the change of seasons makes me want to reflect on the previous and plan out the next.

I ate this ridiculously good looking ice cream cone in New Glarus, WI when my family came to visit at the end of July. It was scotch coffee ice cream in a freshly made cone. It was as delicious as it looks!

City Gym Shorts
I didn't do nearly as much garment sewing this summer as I had planned. I bought plenty of clothing patterns, and I even printed/cut/taped most of them. One thing I did manage to make was a pair of City Gym Shorts. It's a free pattern from the Purl Bee. I made mine with Dreamin' Vintage and they turned out pretty cute! I made some adjustments to the pattern for the next pair, but I'm happy with how these turned out anyways!

Love Patchwork & Quilting - Issue 11
Issue 11 of Love Patchwork & Quilting hit stands last month. I wrote about my Geometric Bliss Quilt Market booth in my column this time! You can also find my tips for a successful craft stand or market booth on their blog, here.

Moonrover Yarn
Got my hands on a few skeins of Moonrover Yarn. I couldn't resist any longer!

Pagona Shawl
I've been knitting away at my Pogona shawl for the Eat Sleep Knit 3rd quarter Yarnathon challenge. The shop's reward/customer loyalty system is a marathon based on the yardage you buy! There are teams (go Roboknits!), fun prizes and challenges for earning extra yards. I'm looking forward to finishing this one up, and I think I'll even make the end of September deadline! For more project info see my Ravelry page here.

Vintage Enamelware
I picked up a few pieces of vintage enamelware when my family was in town. A yellow striped Cathrineholm bowl and a blue Dansk Kobenstyle pot. Both were a steal! Now to find room for them, yikes!

Refrigerator Pickles
I made refrigerator pickles for the first time this year, using cucumbers from my garden. I used this recipe and they turned out great!

Custom George Watercolor
As soon as I saw that Kayanna of June Craft was doing custom watercolor pet portraits I sent over a request for George! The resulting piece is absolutely beautiful and I really love it! I've since framed it and a few other pieces of George art, I just need to hang them!

Speaking of George! Here he is looking all cute!

Have a great day!


  1. The shorts look so cute and George is adorable as always! That portrait is so gorgeous!

  2. Oh that all looks so lovely - the ice cream, the magazines, the yarn!

  3. You have a blog schedule?! You are so organised, I need one of those so much. The ice cream looks divine, yum :-)


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