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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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Happy Tuesday! It's good to be back in this space this week. I had plans to post some finished projects last week and then the weather was all rainy and dark so I couldn't get the photos I needed! Then I was going to post one of those projects here today, but I managed to delete the photos before I transferred them to my computer, whoops! So, it's a snapshot post today instead.

I sent some quilt tops that had been hanging around to Melissa of Sew Shabby Quilting last month, one is bound (hopefully I'll be sharing it later this week!), and the other has binding waiting! I am totally addicted to having things quilted, I'm not going to lie. It relieves a lot of stress for me, and I feel like I can focus more on the parts I truly love. Win-win!

Knit Scout Tee
Two weekends ago I sat down to experiment with sewing knits on my serger. My Geomteric Bliss knits arrived, but I wanted to practice before cutting into them. I was able to make a successful knit Scout Tee! I still can't believe I made it honestly! I will take photos of it on at some point! I used Jen's tips for making the pattern from knits here.

I started my Q4 challenge project for the Eat Sleep Knit Yarnathon at the beginning of the month! I am making the Daybreak shawl by Stephen West. I am really loving it, and was so excited to try knitting stripes for the first time, they're really fun. I'm using Madelinetosh Pashmina in Moonstone and Cephalopod Bugga in Bold Jumping Spider. I now have seven stripes of each color knit, woo! See more on my Ravelry.

Pumpkin Patch
This past weekend, Michael and I headed down to Fitchburg to pick apples and pumpkins! It was a little chilly, so we had to break into the emergency bag for hats when we got there, but we warmed up pretty quick. I had never picked apples before, so I had been wanting to go for a few years now. I'm glad we finally got around to it, it was so cool! We had a great time.

Apple Pie
The only natural thing to do with a bunch of apples it bake a pie, right? I had never baked an apple pie before, so it was fun to try out something other than pumpkin pie. I used this crust and filling recipe from Smitten Kitchen. It turned out really good! We didn't have the right apples, but you couldn't really tell. The crust was perfect, I will definitely use that recipe again.

George baby!

Have a great day!


  1. It looks like you've been keeping busy! Sorry about the deleted photos.... I hate when that happens to me.

  2. You should have heard my stomach when I scrolled to the apple pie!! It looks SO GOOD!! I haven't made pie yet this season but I've already been given orders to make a couple for the freezer when I do!


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