June So Far

Thursday, June 18, 2015

June in snippets: fresh strawberries, eaten plain and made into freezer jam. YUM.

Pincushion Collection
Took inventory of my pincushion collection, this is most of it right now.

Quilt Stacks
Had a trunk show, which means pulling out all the quilts!

Bunny Tape!
Black bunny tape!!

The Finals Game 4
Managed to come home early for an NBA Finals game. Until next year, Cavs!

Vintage Vera Napkins
Thrift find of the week: set of 8 Vera cloth napkins in perfect condition.

Singer Sewing Machine Model 20
Singer Sewing Machine Model 20 from my Grandpa, and in the box! So tiny!!

Lemon Squares
Lemon squares and BBQ. I love this recipe.

George bunny sweet!

Happy Summer!


  1. Love seeing your life in pictures. Love your pincushion shelf, and that sewing machine.... so cute, so small, so amazing! George looks as curious as ever, glad to see him doing great :)

  2. Oh I am intrigued by the concept of freezer jam. I must look into that

  3. One of Bonnie Hunter's recent posts talked about a student who has and uses the same type sewing machine your grandpa age you. You might want to check it out.

  4. After seeing how you have displayed your pincushion collection, I'm on it for mine. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. that lemon bar recipe looks awesome!

  6. What a cool machine! Have you sewn with it?


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