Cabin Sewing Weekend

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Happy Tuesday! For my own personal record, I wanted to post about this past summer's cabin weekend. We have made a Wisconsin cabin weekend an annual thing, and this is the third year we've done it. I look forward to it all year, and can't wait for next! This was back in July, hence the pretty green scenery! (Year one and year two recaps.)

We decided to stick with our location from last year, in New Glarus, WI. It's perfect for all the things we want to do and is tucked away from the city which is nice. Plus it has a barn quilt, PLUS it has sheep!

We did our traditional indigo dyeing of course! This year I dyed two pieces of lawn. The top one I resisted with rubberbands in a symmetrical pattern. The bottom piece I stitch resisted. You can see the pre-dyed resisted pieces here and here. I have no idea what I'll use these for, but I am thinking a shirt from the bottom one!

I also re-dyed the t-shirt I dyed last time. It had faded from washing, so I did a little resisting on it and now it has a really subtle pattern. Yay!

We dyed yarn again too! I tried out kettle dyeing this time around and dyed two skeins of DK. I'm calling this color "Gruple" part gray, part purple. Perfect! See more photos of my skeins on Ravelry here.

There were so many delicious treats all weekend, these are chocolate rolls made by Deedrie! YUM! We did lots of good eating, including at the Grumpy Troll in Mt. Horeb (tradition!), and at the New Glarus Hotel Restaurant.

This year there was a sheep that actually liked me! I was so happy! I may have given him a few treats of outside grass!!

The sweet ladies pulled off a major surprise and threw me a bridal shower! I had absolutely no idea, it was awesome! Amanda sneakily asked what my most wanted Pyrex was, and they surprise me with my most lusted after set!! I had never seen yellow Butterprint in person until I opened it up. :)

Speaking of gifts, I made everyone a half-square triangle pincushion (tutorial). It was fun to make a little something and use up some of my solid scraps!

As per my usual, I didn't do much sewing! I primarily worked on the bunting I made for our wedding. Plus a little knitting. Mostly talking!

We didn't get a big group photo this year, but I did have Michael take some photos of Amanda, Jacey and I. We haven't been in the same place since 2011, it was so nice to reunite at last! Our full group this year: Amanda, Anna, Brianne, Deedrie, Emily, Faith, Holly, Jacey, Lee and myself! Can't wait for next summer!


  1. Gurple is a perfect name for the yarn! Looks like it was a fun adventure.

  2. Looks like fun. This is how I feel like my Minnesota retreat every summer--we get closer and closer with each year. It is just the best thing ever!

  3. that's so special! glad you had such a nice time!

  4. I forgot that you liked Corning ware. I grew up in a little twon about 45 mins. away from Corning. It was a big deal to give Corning ware as gifts. I know when my sister and brothers were married, they received the bowls and containers for gifts. When I went to college I taught 1st grade in Corning and rented an apt. From a retired employee. She let us use her employee card to go shop at the employee store. I bought a couple things. I love my little Corning frying pan and vegetable pans. I have some with the little blue design and then the country spice. My mother had a mixing bowl set like yours except it was an olive green with white flowers. Then a white one with green flowers, etc. i recall that there were four bowls. Anyway, I love seeing your pieces as it's a nice memory of the area and a grewt company.

  5. Love that sheep. I hope it didn't make George jealous. :-) Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  6. I just googled "stitch resist"--what a labor intensive first step! But WELL worth the effort--what great fabrics to play with this winter. And you sheep friend is gorgeous :)

  7. I haven't read the blogs in a while since I joined Facebook. So pleased to hear that you and Michael are getting married. Congratulations! When is your date? A group of us from our local guild go on a retreat the fist weekend in May. We go on a member's husband's fishing boat around to the other side of the island (Kodiak) to a fishing lodge. Over on Fri. and back on Mon. We usually have a charity project to work on and our own stuff, of course. I usually bring simple stuff (I call it monkey quilting) so that I can yack and not worry about mistakes. Last time I brought a game to play, Cards Against Humanity, laughed SO hard. We always have lots of fun and actually get some sewing done, too.


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