Rayon Date Night Dress

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Happy Thursday! I'm back today to share one of my garment finishes from earlier this year! I have been sewing and cutting a lot of garments lately, it's been nice to work through some of my garment fabric stash and pick up a few new fabrics as well.

First and foremost, thank you for all of your support on my last post. I wish I could respond to each of you individually, but know that I've read and cherished all of your comments, messages, and emails. I look forward to whatever the future brings!

This was my first experience working with rayon. The Sewcial Lounge had this print from Cat Lady by Sarah Watts in both colorways in rayon, and it's so pretty in person. I ended up buying a cut of each (and made a shirt from the purple!), including enough to make a dress. I've had The Date Night Dress Pattern by April Rhodes in my pattern stash since 2014. I knew I needed a flowly pattern to go with the rayon, so this was a good match.

The dress came together surprisingly fast! Lots of hemming and some french seams finish off all the edges. A box pleat in the back gives it a little shape.

I ended up making a belt from the leftover fabric, it's 1/2" wide. This makes the dress a lot more flattering. The pattern also includes a slip pattern, since this dress has really deep arm holes. Instead of making one to match I just bought a black slip!

I wore this dress on my longest day of teaching at QuiltCon and it was really comfortable. The fabric is cool to the touch and was very easy to wear on a busy day!

This was a fun pattern to make! It has been satisfying sewing up all of these garment patterns I've had stashed away. I really enjoyed working with the rayon. I've now made three garments with rayon, and am looking forward to working with it more, it makes garments that feel and look professional.


  1. It looks so lovely! This was one of the first garments I sewed, last year, also in rayon, and I love it too. I added darts to mine to cinch it in a bit, like you I think it's more flattering that way. And I think I sewed up the bottoms of the armholes so they're less deep, a bit too revealing otherwise as I wear it without a slip. Jen

  2. I love the print on this fabric! Im one of your instagram followers and I had a question for you. I noticed that you own both a white and black singer featherweights. Do you have a preference between the two? Ive been swooning over these machines for awhile now and Im trying to make up my mind over which one to choose.

    1. I sew more on the black one! It's older than the white one and for whatever reason it sews a bit smoother! The white ones are also generally harder to find and therefore more expensive!


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