Patchwork Christmas Projects

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Happy Wednesday! Today I have some fun Christmas projects to share. This Fall I decided it would be fun to have a few sewn holiday decorations to switch between. After making my Halloween Patchwork Projects, I knew I wanted to make some Christmas ones.

First up, a Christmas pillow for our lone armchair. I actually made this pillow last year, but didn't photograph it. I picked up a fat quarter bundle of Tinsel by Cotton and Steel and cut into it for this pillow and then set it aside. I used up most of the bundle for the rest of the projects.

It was fun to frame a few cute scenes from the prints inside each star block. I love how this pillow turned out!

I finished it with a simple zippered back.

Both of the table toppers that I made used up some leftover half-square triangles that came from making the pillow. It seemed a shame not to use them up/ I pieced the half-square triangles into strips of four. Then I added strips of the prints to make pieces wide enough for both toppers.

Above is the large topper for the dresser.

And the small topper for the side table.

I also made another tiny mini quilt to put inside the Pyrex dish we throw our keys in. Keeps it from getting scratched up.

Before I cut up pieces for the toppers, I cut up the larger pieces into two lined drawstring bags. I'm using one as a knitting bag right now, and the other will likely be used to wrap a gift. These are both the tutorial size.

Another satisfying and practical group of projects. It makes the apartment feel extra festive having a few sewn holiday decorations.

Happy Sewing!

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