Liberty Dumpling Pincushions

Thursday, April 13, 2017

As soon as I saw these pincushions popping up on instagram, I knew I had to stitch some up. I chatted a bit about my love of pincushions a few weeks ago, so I didn't need much of an excuse to make more. These are so little and cute, how could I resist? They're only 2"x2"x1", so tiny! I took the opportunity to take a few silly photos too, after tracking down some empty take-out boxes.

Dumpling Pincushion Pattern by Julia Williams of Alchemy Tea.

I knew I wanted to make my pincushions out of scraps, and thought a few from Liberty of London Tana Lawn would be extra special. Instead of using multiple prints for each I kept them extra simple. I would like to make a few more that are scrappier.

These whipped up so quickly. Julia includes lots of little tips and tricks to make these an easy sew.

For the tops, I made my own covered buttons, using the Dritz 5/8" Size 24 button kit. Many years ago, I made lots of covered buttons and turned them into hair-ties and pins that I sold on Etsy. It was fun to pull out those supplies and make a few!

These are stuffed with crushed walnut shells, which is my favorite pincushion filling. My pincushions tend to double as pattern weights, and these are the perfect size.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Adorable and great idea to use them as pattern weights.

  2. Those are definitely irresistible. It's been ages since I covered any buttons:)

  3. I searched everywhere for that pattern after seeing Rashida make them. I didn't know they were called dumplings, so I looked everywhere for biscuits! Finally saw someone post the dumpling link and snatched a copy of that cute pattern immediately!

  4. Would someone please post the link to this pattern again. Thanks

    1. Here is a current link:


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