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Thursday, April 27, 2017

As someone who always seems to have lots of different projects going at once, figuring out how to store works in progress is an issue. It's important to make sure project pieces don't get separated from each other, which is made more challenging when you add in pattern pieces and instructions. I have been using ziploc bags to store most of my projects for the last few years, but thought it was high time I upgrade that system!

Enter Amanda Jean's Work in Progress Bags Pattern. It's the best of both worlds. I can still see into each bag, just like the ziplocs, but they're much sturdier and prettier! These should hold up way longer than the plastic bags I was using (and reusing). I couldn't make just one, of course! I ended up making eight. The pattern includes six different sized bags, and I made two each of four sizes.

I chose fabrics based on the zipper colors I had on hand. I was able to use leftover quilt binding for two of them, which was great! I used 16 gauge clear vinyl for all my bags.

I buy all my zippers from Zipit.

I made two 8"x8" bags, which are the smallest size in the pattern. They're just the right size for 6" blocks or some leftover half-square triangles.

Next up, I made two 9"x12" bags. These will be nice to small projects like zipper pouches, mini quilts, etc.

I think this is probably the most versatile size for me personally, 14"x14". These easily fit 12" quilt blocks, and are quite roomy!

Finally, I made two of the largest size, 16"x18". I currently have my next Archer Popover in one.

These were fun to make, and I know they'll get plenty of use over here. I love how cute they are, and the smaller sizes would be great for using up leftover pieces of vinyl.

Find the Work in Progress Bag Pattern here.

Happy Sewing!


  1. They look really useful and also very pretty! I made mine with the zipper near to one edge and the background like a stiff mugrug. So, it's very easy to fill in the blocks.
    Greetings from Germany, Rike

  2. What a great project! This would save a lot of space from my current method which are 12x12 plastic box/bins. Although, then I might need to make a work in progress bag so store all of the work in progress bags. :-)

  3. These are so adorable Jeni!!! I love how happy they look.

  4. Great idea and they are so cute!

  5. CUTE bags!!! Looks like a GREAT way to contain quilt blocks.

  6. Your pouches are very cheerful and you did a great job on them! I want to make some pouches with vinyl windows in them for my knitting projects---I like the idea of being able to see what is in the bag without opening it. (Not like I have 8 million pairs of socks going at once. . . )

  7. Great looking gifts for quilters! Where do you find the 16guage clear vinyl, though?

  8. I keep looking at this pattern. Do you find it easy to load them with the zipper in the middle? I love your bags. So bright and cheery

    1. It's a little finicky on the smaller bags. She does include instructions for moving the zipper placement towards one end, which I might try on my next batch!

  9. Neat! Using the vinyl seems practical for seeing the WIP stored in the bag. Some people are so smart!

  10. Pretty bags. I'dlove to make some.

  11. I made some similar bags a few weeks ago -- they are especially useful for me when I want to pack travel projects!

  12. Your bags look awesome. I have that pattern and should make it a priorty to try it out. I certainly could use a better way to organize my UFO's.


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