DIY Enamel Pin Banner Tutorial

Monday, June 26, 2017

Happy Monday! Let's start the week off with a tutorial! Today I'm sharing instructions for make a little banner to display enamel pins.

I am really loving how popular enamel pins are these days! I've always had a soft spot for pins, especially enamel ones (Thanks, Disney!). I'm slowly adding more pins to my collection, and they're taking over my bulletin board. I thought it would be fun to have a dedicated spot for my favorite pins.

All the pins on my banner are listed at the bottom of this post.

This banner stitches up quickly and doesn't use much fabric. I kept mine pretty simple, but there are endless opportunities for embellishment or customization! There is an optional instruction included for adding pom pom trim.

I recommend using a fabric with a bit of weight, so that your pins don't weigh it down. I used Essex Linen* in Natural for mine. If you're using quilting cotton, I'd recommend interfacing one main piece with something heavier, like fusible fleece (987F).

**Updated October 2018**
I've added two new sizes to this tutorial! Now you can make a Large (original size), Medium, and Small banner. Enjoy!

Sewing Level: Beginner
Finished size: Large - 10"x14", Medium - 7"x10", Small - 4.75"x7"

Looking for supplies? Check out my Pattern Supplies and Resources post. I bought a pack of these* craft dowels to make these banners. I cut down the dowels for the Medium and Small banners with a small handsaw.

Large Banner (10"x14")
- 1/3 yard of fabric
- 5/8 yard of woven interfacing (SF 101)
- 1/4" x 12" wooden dowel
- 22" of leather cording, ribbon, or twine
- Optional: 1/2 yard of pom-pom trim*

From fabric:
- Cut (2) 10.5"x14" pieces
- Cut (1) 2"x20" piece

From interfacing:
- Cut (2) 10.5"x14" pieces

Medium Banner (7"x10")
- Fat Quarter of fabric
- 1/3 yard of woven interfacing (SF 101)
- 1/4" x 8.25" wooden dowel
- 18" of leather cording, ribbon, or twine
- Optional: 1/3 yard of pom-pom trim*

From fabric:
- Cut (2) 7.5"x10" pieces
- Cut (1) 2"x14" piece

From interfacing:
- Cut (2) 7.5"x10" pieces

Small Banner (4.75"x7")
- Fat Quarter or 1/4 yd of fabric
- 1/3 yard of woven interfacing (SF 101)
- 1/4" x 6" wooden dowel
- 12" of leather cording, ribbon, or twine
- Optional: 1/4 yard of pom-pom trim*

From fabric:
- Cut (2) 5.25"x7" pieces
- Cut (1) 2"x9.5" piece

From interfacing:
- Cut (2) 5.25"x7" pieces

Download, print and cut out the Enamel Pin Banner Template at 100%, use the 1" square to check it's been printed correctly.

*Use a 1/4" seam allowance unless otherwise noted.*

1. Apply interfacing to the wrong side of both main pieces according to manufacturer's instructions.

2. Align the template with the bottom corner of a main piece, as shown above.

Mark a line across the template edge. Repeat on the other bottom corner.

Cut along both of these lines. Repeat for remaining main piece.

3. Fold dowel pocket piece in half, with short ends lined up, right sides together. Sew along the short edges to join.

Press seam open.

Turn right sides out. Center the seam and press both edges well to get a nice crease.

Fold in half so that the long edges are touching, press well.

5. Along the top edge of a main piece, make a small mark 3/8" in from either side. (Do this on the right side of the fabric)

Using the marks as a guide, center the dowel pocket piece along the top edge of one of the main pieces, lining up raw edges, with right sides together.

Baste in place using an 1/8" seam allowance.

*Optional: Add pom-pom trim
Pom-pom trim is a great way to add a little something extra to your pin banner. Think of all the trim options available! If you'd like to add trim to your banner, here's how.

Cut two pieces of pom-pom trim (Large - 7.5", Medium - 5.25", Small - 3.75"). Line up the edge of the trim with the two bottom edges of a main piece, with the pom-poms arranged towards the inside of the main piece. Baste in place with a 1/8" seam allowance.

Make sure your pom-poms are sandwiched between the two main pieces when sewing the seam around the edges (step 7). You may need to use a slightly larger seam allowance along the bottom two edges to ensure the trim edge is completely covered in the seam. I stitched twice along these edges to make sure the trim was extra secure.

6. On the remaining main piece, mark a 1/4" seam at the banner point coming from both directions so that the lines intersect. This will help make sewing the point easier in the next step.

7. Place main pieces right sides together, clipping or pinning around all the edges to secure. Leave a small gap on one straight edge for turning.

Sew around all sides, leaving the turning gap unsewn and pivoting at all the corners.

8. Trim the corners down to an 1/8" seam. Turn under the opening seam allowance and press well.

9. Turn banner right sides out. Press entire banner well.

Top stitch around the edges of the main piece.

10. Insert dowel into the dowel pocket. Tie cording to each end of the dowel. Fill with pins and hang!

For anyone interested in the pins on my banner (from left to right, top to bottom):

1. Bear Paw Pin by Patchwork Threads, 2. You Seem Cool Pin by The Little Friends of Printmaking, 3. Bowtie Cat Pin by Boy Girl Party, 4. Corgi Pin by Boy Girl Party, 5. No Regrets Pin by Colette Patterns, 6. Singer Featherweight 221 Pin by The Singer Featherweight Shop, 7. Rotary Cutter Pin by Olfa (promotional/not available for purchase), 8. Blerg Pin* by Sweet and Lovely, 9. Puffin Pin by Boy Girl Party.

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial! I have lots of other tutorials for everything from quilts, pillows, bags, and holiday items to informational series and techniques. Find all my tutorials here: Tutorials. My online shop is filled with patterns for quilts and bags. Find my patterns here: Jeni Baker Patterns

Tag me @jenib320 and use my hashtag #jenibaker on instagram if you make something from this tutorial!

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Very neat pins! And what a cool way to display them!! I've found some cool at little resale thrift shops. Have a wonderful day!!

  2. What a cute idea. May give it a try once I finish up the 6 bags I am making using your pattern. I forgot 6 bags means 12 ties! lol

  3. What a cute idea, Jeni! I'm suddenly scheming up a long variation (kinda like a girl guide sash...) for my collection of vintage pin badges. They should really be on display instead of in a box!

  4. I seriously threw one of those dowels away today. Heading to the trash can now to get it.....

    1. Isn't that always how it is? As soon as I part with craft supplies I think of a project for them!

  5. I love the tutorial that will help me to make Pin Banner for my children to display in their bedroom. Thanks for sharing.

  6. This is adorable, Jeni. It is always good to have a banner for something or another. I love your pins.
    That reminds me, I have an old pin from the Netherlands my grampa gave me when I was a little kid. And my old nursing school pin! RN!... and I am sure I have some other pin treasures. People do not wear pins much - I lost a really wonderful one about 30 years ago, it disconnected from my sweater. I have a lot of cool pins from Italy, with the chunks of color
    Great idea! yours turned out beautiful

  7. very cute banner. I made each of my boys a banner to hang on the back of their bedroom door. We pin all of their patches they get from Scouts and any pins that we collect on our vacations and trips. Pins and smashed pennies are my favorite souveniers. Love your blog.

  8. It's such a cute idea, Jeni! But oh my, I'm trying to stay away from starting a pin collection... I'm collecting a few on Pinterest and that has to be enough for now. They're so cute but too many to buy! :-)

  9. Super Cute! We just ordered pins for the Mad City Quilt Guild. Let me know if you are interested in adding one to your collection. =)

  10. Do I baste the dowel pocket on the right or wrong side of the main fabric?

  11. At the risk of sounding terrible is the batting necessary?
    I’m really want to make this without going to a craft store right now and that is all I’m missing.

    1. Definitely not necessary, your banner will just be a little less thick/sturdy! You could offset that by using a fabric thicker than quilting cotton.

  12. Thank you so much for your tutorial. It answered a lot of questions that I had. :)

  13. Adorable We have placed an order for Mad City Quilt Guild pins. If you would like to add one to your collection, please let me know.


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