New Pattern: Giant Vintage Star Quilt

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Happy Tuesday! I'm excited to launch my newest pattern, the Giant Vintage Star Quilt. This quilt is one of my most popular tutorials, and it's six years old this month. After many requests over the years, I've finally turned it into a pattern!

If you'd like to learn more about working with vintage sheets, check out my post: How to Identify, Shop for and Sew with Vintage Sheets

In the pattern you'll find instructions for the original throw size quilt (it's 68" square), plus instructions for a baby quilt and a pillow.

I've broken down the fabric requirements for each project by the number of fabrics you'd like to use for the star. You can use 16, 8, 4, 2, or a single fabric for your star. It's nice and easy to customize your project depending on the fabric you're using. There is also a coloring page to help you plan your colors and lay out your quilt!

The original tutorial won't be going anywhere. It was fun to refine the idea and build on it with additional projects for the pattern version. My pattern writing skills have come a long way in six years, so I hope you'll find the pattern even easier to follow! This is such a quick and satisfying quilt, I know many of you have made it for gifts and charity projects. Let's take a look at the samples. All of these projects were made using vintage sheets from my stash.

Throw Quilt

This is the original quilt I made years ago. I used some of my very favorite sheets for this one! It's 68" square, a nice healthy throw size. I used 16 different fabrics for the star in a rainbow of colors. For more on the inspiration behind this design and this particular quilt, see this post.

Baby Quilt

When I made the decision to pursue this pattern I knew I wanted to add other size options, in particular a baby quilt size. This little quilt finishes at 36" square. This will be perfect for whipping up last minute gifts! I used 4 different fabrics for the star and kept it to cool colors. I've picked up a few "low volume" sheets over the years, they're fun to use along with such bright prints.


I made myself a big floor pillow a few months ago and I've used it a lot more than I expected to. So, a big 24" pillow seemed just the thing to make for this pattern. I used 2 different fabrics for the star. Not all pillow forms are created equally, so I did add some extra poly-fill stuffing to this one to make it nice and plump!

You can find the Giant Vintage Star Quilt Pattern in my online shop. It's available in PDF and paper formats.

Thank you for your support!

Happy Quilting!


  1. such a great pattern Jeni, thank you! I made the throw quilt size twice with some cherished AMH fabrics, and now me and my Brother have the same happy rainbow star. I look forward to revisiting the pattern in in the other sizes!

  2. When you show your quilts made from vintage sheets I recognize sheets I used to own. It amuses me to realize that my 20's are your vintage.

  3. Yikes! Beautiful, Jeni!
    I do not know how you find these amazing sheets.
    I think you should reconsider your fabric designing abandonment, and get these printed out for ME. I love the flowers
    I have very very few "old sheets"
    Thank you for sharing your creativity

  4. Those vintage sheets really make sweet quilts. Thanks for offering a new pattern!!

  5. I love this quilt and the fabrics (sheets!) as well. My son and daughter in law are expecting a baby girl in October and I made this for her. ❣️Wanted to share a picture but not sure how. Love your web site!


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