Adventures in Softie Making: Seymour the Whale

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

It's time to share my latest softie, Seymour the Whale! I've really enjoyed stretching my skills to make these, you can see my last two sets of softies here: Henrietta Hippo and Moo Moo + Baby Bunnies.

For my whale, I used the Seymour Spyhop pattern by Heather Bailey. Five years ago (whoa!) I made an elephant softie from one of her patterns, so I knew this whale would turn out cute. I thought this grey/blue print from Flower Shop would be cute for the main body. For the belly, I used an adorable tiny pindot that I picked up on a whim, but have used quite a bit!

Look how cute he turned out! This is a pretty small softie, much smaller than the hippos I made last.

I chose to make a pretty simple whale, but the pattern includes instructions/pattern pieces for making a whale, orca, or a narwhal!

The eyes are really different, rather than a button or embroidery, they're made from a piece of cut felt and a small black bead. I probably could have pulled them in a little tighter so they sunk more into the whale's face, but oh well!

I think the tail was the trickiest part of this softie, but it really wasn't too bad. Being sure to clip the seams properly after sewing makes a big difference.

I had fun making this little whale, and it was a good excuse to go down by the lake for some photos. Now I need to figure out what softie to make next!

Happy Sewing!


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