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Monday, September 11, 2017

Happy Monday! Today I'm sharing two sewing tool organizers I recently gifted. I used the #10 Caddy pattern* by Sew Can She. These are my third and fourth caddies I've made with this pattern. See my first two here.

First up, a caddy for my Mom! I made this for her birthday. Jacey gave me some of this adorable sheep fabric* by Lydia Nelson, and I knew my Mom would like it. I paired it with some Momo scissors fabric for the pockets, and some stashed blenders for the binding and the interior.

Puff sheep! So cute. I think this color combo fits my Mom's taste and craft room well. These caddies are fun to customize. I added a circle of felt to the bottom of each can, and covered the top sharp edge with duct tape for safety.

Next up, a caddy for Amanda Jean! I've had this Lecien 30's cheater print in my stash for ages, and I've never known what to do with it. This seemed like the perfect project to use it for. I paired it with a print from Curiosities* for the pocket and stash blenders for the binding and interior.

I knew Amanda Jean would get use out of one of these caddies on her retreat and teaching travels. I'm always toting mine along when I travel to sew!

As I mentioned, I've made this pattern before, you can find my first two caddies here. I've been buying whole peeled tomatoes in the #10 can size (it's over 6 lbs!). We make this easy pasta sauce pretty often. I split the can into three equal portions and freeze them. It's so cheap to buy them this way! For Madison locals I buy mine at Woodman's.

Find the pattern here: #10 Caddy Pattern* by Sew Can She.

Happy Sewing!

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  1. What cute caddies! It would be nice to have tools so handy.

  2. great sauce recipe too.
    I save cans like this from various items.
    I will make one of these and see how it turns out. This looks like a great organizer for any artist
    Thank you so much Jeni


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