Finished: Modern House Quilt

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Happy Wednesday! I have a finished project to share, which feels so good! There hasn't been much sewing going on over here the last month or so, so I'm excited to have something new to share.

This Fall I set about making a quilt for my sweet friend Jacey. She is my crafty partner in crime, and I decided I needed to make her a quilt. She has great taste in color/fabric, so pulling a selection for her was really fun. I loved pulling prints that I knew she'd given me, we bought together, or that I knew she liked. I made sure there were plenty of animal/kitty prints in there too.

For the design, I used my modern house quilt tutorial that I shared in late August.

This quilt came together pretty quickly, the hardest part was trying to figure out how to lay out the blocks. I played around with a random arrangement and then a few other gradient arrangements before landing on this one. It finishes at 56"x70".

For the quilting, I did diagonal lines through each block. Sweet and simple.

The minimal quilting makes it nice and snuggly, my favorite!

For the backing, I used a print from Tule by Leah Duncan that I had in my stash. She's one of Jacey's favorite fabric designers, and it happened to match perfectly!

A few months before making this quilt, Jacey sent me some garment fabric leftovers from a few tops she'd made. One was this stripey lawn, which worked great for the binding! I was struggling to find something that worked with the front and back, but wasn't too loud. This stripe fit the bill and I love the difference in texture compared to the rest of the quilt.

Info on my custom woven labels here.

Over the years I've gotten a lot better about gifting quilts, I used to hoard them all! I still have a considerable stash (pattern/book samples are partially to blame), but I'm learning to let go of more. I find it is easier and more enjoyable to make a quilt specifically for a person. I love being able to tailor it to their tastes and add in special prints for that person.

Pattern: Modern House Quilt Tutorial
Fabrics: Stash

Happy Quilting!


  1. What a neat picture! You have a great eye for capturing angles. Thanks for the label info as well.

  2. Very cute quilt and love the photos.

  3. What a wonderful gift. I love your use of color in this quilt!

  4. This is adorable! What a wonderful gift!

  5. How lovely! And sew appropriate for your friendship!

  6. IT'S SO PRETTY! And I love that it's going to Jacey. She's so wonderful and deserving of such a beautiful gift.

  7. This is a wonderful quilt. I love the colors.

  8. Fabulous quilt. I think your color arrangement is perfect and could see the enjoyment in making these little houses.
    Thank you for your directions and wish you the best in moving.


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