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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

This is a day late, but I now have most of the sample items up for sale in my online shop! There are small throw quilts, baby quilts, mini quilts, pillows covers, drawstring bags, zipper pouches, bags, and more. I'll be continuing to add items this morning, including a bunch of tote bags.

Shop the sale here.

Thank you as always for your support!


  1. Jeni - I wanted to buy your zip bags because I really wanted to have a sample of your work and got to check out to find Stripe is the processor. I get emails from them all the time telling me they have a payment for me. Did a little research and came up with it might be a phishing outfit. If you have done business with them before you probably know the answer to this. But I am soooo leary of giving my credit card online with all those folks out there that are a million times smarter than I am.
    Hope your move is an easy one and your next step is successful. Keep us, your fans, posted!

    1. Hi There! I totally get that, you want to be careful. I have been using Stripe through my shop for the last few years without any issues. I've gotten some of those spam emails as well, but they're from folks trying trying to impersonate Stripe, the email address is always a give away that it's a scam and not an official email. You can also use PayPal through my shop front. Cheers,

  2. Oh! I think I did not even go into the email knowing I did not have any connection with them. Of course what I wanted is gone but maybe in the next go-around.
    I didn't notice you took PayPal.
    Soooooo wish I could do Glamp!!
    Thanksgiving blessings to you and your family!


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