Using Tucks to Add Structure to Your Bag

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Happy Thursday! Today I'm sharing a video of the tucking technique used to add extra structure to your tote bag and a more boxy shape!

This was originally posted as part of the Workshop Tote Sew Along. Want to make a tote too?
Find all the posts here: Workshop Tote Sew Along
Pick up a copy of the pattern here: Workshop Tote Pattern
Share your progress here: #workshoptote on Instagram

This technique is also used in the Sew Portable Travel Set Tote.

Half-Square Triangle Workshop Tote made using Mariner's Cloth and Kaleidoscope by Alison Glass.

This is the last step in the Workshop Tote Pattern, and it's totally optional. You'll still have a lovely bag without this step!

Happy Sewing!

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