Confetti Zipper Pouches

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Happy Tuesday! I have a cute little pair of zipper pouches to share with you today! I made them with my friend Aneela's new speedy vinyl pouches pattern.

So earlier this month I had been itching to make myself a confetti pouch. I've seen them here and there, but it was seeing one in person at Target that pushed me over the edge. What's a confetti pouch? It's a pouch made with clear vinyl that is filled with confetti, sandwiched between the layers of vinyl. The confetti can move around inside, and they're just fun.

I made one attempt on a bit of a whim, but used vinyl that was too thick and had to throw it out. Enter Aneela's pattern, and it seemed like an easy customization to add! I experimented with different gauge vinyl for each pouch, in order to determine what would work best.

By the way, can you tell I was wearing a coral sweatshirt when I took these photos? It's reflected in some of the confetti!

First up, I made the largest size in the pattern. I decided to match my fabric to my confetti (which is from Dollar Tree). I went with this Japanese night sky fabric that I bought from Miss Matatabi on Black Friday last year (it's no longer available and there is no selvedge info unfortunately!). It has little flecks of gold sparkle.

For this pouch I used 8 gauge clear vinyl. I think this would have been closer to the right weight except I messed it up a little. When I attached the binding to the back of the pouch, I wasn't thinking and I ironed it. This made the vinyl wrinkle up and some moisture from the steam got between the layers. Whoops!

Anyways, the vinyl is thin enough that the confetti can easily move around, and two layers of it isn't a big deal! If you want to make your pouch a confetti pouch too, just use two pieces of vinyl instead of one. Baste around the edges leaving a small opening for filling with confetti. Then stitch that closed and make the pouch!

For the second pouch, I made the smallest size. For this pouch I used a print from Carkai by Carolyn Friedlander. Another print with a little gold sparkle! I used 12 gauge clear vinyl for this pouch. It still works, but is a little stiffer and so the confetti doesn't move around as much. 10 gauge would be the best I think, but my local craft store doesn't carry it.

And here is a view of the pouches from the back. I think these turned out really cute, and I'm definitely going to make some more, and experiment with other confetti pouches. They're a little over the top, but I don't care! They make me smile, and that's what matters, right? Now to go down the confetti rabbit hole on Etsy!

Find the pattern in Aneela's shop here: Speedy Vinyl Pouches Pattern

Happy Sewing!


  1. They look so great. I just have to buy some confetti first.

  2. What fun! I have a friend with a very girlie girl daughter who would love this.

  3. Those are SEW cute!! I know a special little girl who would LOVE to have one of these. Off to the store...

  4. Just as an FYI -- I don't think this link goes to an Etsy account - at least I couldn't find it there. I found it after digging deeper into the link and it's called Comfort Stitching or Hope that helps. She has other cute patterns on that url. Thanks for this info.

    1. Hi Leslie, the pattern links go to her Payhip shop (, she doesn't sell her patterns on Etsy!

  5. these are awesome! not over the top at all!

  6. Oh Jeni, these are so cute. I could make these for my grand daughters. Vinyl is fun to work with, but, yeah, not too thick. And, this is why we save our old needles, carefully stored in the used needles for vinyl and old jeans and plastic stuff and concrete haha


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