Two-Color Woven Quilted Pillow

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Happy Thursday! I feel like I have been on a pillow making bender lately! Now that we live in a house with more than one place to sit, we have a lot more places for pillows. I like to switch up our decor a little when the seasons change, so I'm building up a stash of all different pillow covers.

I am also trying to finish up the last of the leftover blocks and tops from writing my book, Patchwork Essentials: The Half-Square Triangle. This block was an all solid variation of my Woven quilt! It actually has made me want to make an entire quilt like this, I just need to choose a color. Using up orphaned blocks is such a quick and satisfying way to make a pillow!

For the quilting, I didn't go too crazy. I stitched diagonal lines, avoiding the center of the block. This meant that there is some quilting in the ditch along some of the half-square triangles. I wasn't super sure I'd be happy with this look but I actually quite like how it turned out!

I decided to add pom-pom trim to this quilt to it give it a little extra special detail. I really love pom-poms on a pillow! I have to say though, it takes a lot longer than I remember. It's not hard or anything, just fussy. I'd definitely do it again, but probably won't be trimming out all my pillows. Who can resist these mustard gold poms though?

I kept the back simple with some linen, but used a pretty purple zipper for a pop of color. This is my favorite way to back a pillow.

Happy Quilting!


Vivian said...

So very pretty! I love the additional pops of color!

Unknown said...

The pom pom trim is lovely!!! Would you mind letting us know what size the poms are, and where you got the trim? Also - any tips on how to get it looking so perfect like you did?

Jeni Baker said...

The poms are about 1/2" in diameter! Honestly, I've had them in my stash for years, I can't remember where I got them!

Unknown said...

Beautifully done!! And I love the pom pom's!!!

Rebecca Grace said...

Quilted pillows are a great idea, and your yellow pom poms are like the icing on the cake of perfection!

Susie H said...

I'm really loving that purple zipper! Bada-bing!

bubbe1 said...

Hi Jenni,
The mustard-gold pom-poms are a joyful accent to your clean pink and white patchwork!
Do you ever come out to Bergen county, nj? My parents house has a number of vintage Pyrex bowls and casserole pieces that I would gift to you if you could pick them up. The house and contents will be sold soon.

Jeni Baker said...

I don't do too much traveling these days, but thank you for thinking of me!