Cut Out + Keep Craft Room Interview

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Happy Tuesday! I wanted to pop in quickly and let you know about an interview I did with Cut Out + Keep about my craft room. You can find the interview here: Cut Out + Keep: Jeni's Craft Room

You can find the full tour of my sewing room here: 2019 Sewing Room Tour


  1. Absolutely love your sewing space!

  2. I just took the tour of your sewing room. It's wonderful to have so much room to work in. I love so many things about your room and the storage units you have. I have those same white baskets and the Sterilite container you have, except my handles are aqua. Since I'm quite a bit older than you, I recognize so many of the vintage sheets you have collected. Brings back memories of my childhood. Thank you so much for sharing your room, DIYS and tutorials with us.

  3. Jeni, your sewing room is wonderful

  4. Hello. I really like your ceiling light. Can you tell me where you got your ceiling light? Thanks.


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