Patchwork Essentials: Convergence Quilt

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Photo © 2015 Lauren Hunt for Lucky Spool Media.

Time to share another quilt from my book, Patchwork Essentials: The Half-Square Triangle! You can find all the posts about Patchwork Essentials using the MY BOOK link at the top of every page, or here.

I'm going to share each quilt, in order, with the exception of a few that I've already shared. We are in the block chapter now, which is the last chapter in the book. I'll be sharing the rest of the quilts this month! Today we're chatting about the Convergence Quilt.

For more on how the book is structured see this post.

Need a copy of the book? Buy a signed one here: Patchwork Essentials: The Half-Square Triangle

Photo © 2015 Lauren Hunt for Lucky Spool Media.

This is the largest quilt in the book, and it has the most half-square triangles too. It's 84" square and is made from 576 half-square triangle blocks! This particular quilt was quite the undertaking! I designed it using block quarters from different blocks included in the block chart that is part of this chapter.

Despite it's size, I ended up doing the quilting for this one myself. Timing wise it just worked out that way. I actually ran out of basting pins partway through and had to run out for more! It was basting it in the lab kitchen in the building at UW where Michael worked. I was nervous to leave it there, but I had no choice! Thankfully it was the weekend so there weren't many people around.

I quilted an X across the quilt from corner to corner. I then echoed those lines within each quadrant, quilting lines about an inch apart. It took a long time, and the lines aren't super straight, but I love how it turned out. I am happy that it didn't loose any of it's softness.

It's backed in a print from Urban Mod* by Art Gallery Fabrics. I had picked up almost an entire bolt of this print on clearance and managed to squeeze two backings out of it. I still love the colors, that dusty navy in particular.

Is it weird to miss a brick wall? I took so many photos in front of this wall. It was the wall of our apartment building back in Madison, and I do miss it!

For each quilt in the book I showed an alternate version of the quilt in either a single block or entire quilt top. I this case I made a block, and a few years ago I turned it into a baby quilt. You can see that quilt here: Convergence Baby Quilt

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Thanks for sharing another look at this wonderful quilt from your book!!


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