Shop News: Expansion Printed Pattern, Twill Tape and Wholesale Ordering

Friday, January 31, 2020

Happy Friday! I have some exciting shop related news to share with you today!
First and foremost, you can now find cotton twill tape in my online shop! Twill is one of my favorite materials to use as the drawstrings when making Lined Drawstring Bags. Natural cotton twill is relatively easy to find, but the cute ruler twill tape isn't always. So, I decided to start carrying a small selection of twill tapes in my online shop! To start, you'll find 3/8" and 1/2" natural twill along with 1/2" antique ruler twill and 1/2" yellow measuring tape twill. Find them all here: Cotton Twill Tape.

For now, I only have shipping set up for the United States. I'm happy to set up a custom listing for international orders, so if you're interested just send me a message here.

I whipped up this quick bag with the yellow measuring tape twill to celebrate! This is the mini accent variation from my Lined Drawstring Bag Expansion Pattern. Fabrics are Noe by Erin McMorris for the main exterior and Girl Friday by Cosmo Cricket (circa 2010) for the accent. I was so tempted to pair the yellow twill with yet another pink or purple print, but stopped myself. That's my go-to for these bags, so I thought this gray was a good change of pace!
Next up, the Lined Drawstring Bag Expansion Pattern is now available in printed form! This was something I was a little unsure about because it is such a long pattern. I didn't want to take anything out of the printed version, or reformat it too heavily, so it's just a big, thick printed pattern!

Find it individually here: Lined Drawstring Bag Expansion PAPER Pattern
Find it as part of a printed bundle here: Lined Drawstring Bag PAPER Pattern Bundle

Your support of this pattern is what made it possible for me to print it, so thank you!

And now, some wholesale ordering news:
The Lined Drawstring Bag Expansion Pattern is now available for wholesale purchase! Because it is a more expensive to print and package this pattern, it is only available ordered directly through me. In an effort to make that easier, I spent the better part of this month completely overhauling my wholesale ordering process.

If you are a quilt or fabric shop (online or brick + mortar) who would be interested in carrying my patterns in your store, you can find all the information and order here: Jeni Baker Patterns Wholesale Order Form

I'm also offering free shipping on domestic orders of 25 patterns or more (+ discounted shipping on international)! Happy Friday!

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  1. The twill is a perfect addition to your shop, and I love that mini accent version of your bag. I've already made a couple!


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