2019 in Review

Monday, January 6, 2020

Happy Monday! It's time to say goodbye to 2019 with my annual yearly review. This is the tenth year in a row I've been posting these wrap-ups! See them all here. Without further ado:

In 2019, I finished...

6 throw quilts and a mini quilt.

4 quilted pillows and 2 pillowcases.

37 lined drawstring bags!

4 zipper pouches, 4 tote bags, a duffel bag and a wallet.

10 needle minders, 7 pincushions, 4 mini #10 caddies, an ironing board cover, a pin banner, and a scissor cozy.

An oven mitt, a heating pad cover, a table topper, a bed for George and 2 pieces of fabric artwork.

A hooded sweatshirt and a wiksten haori.

2019 Fabric Stash:
Brought in: 48 yards
Sewed up/destashed: 155 yards
Net: -107 yards 

For information on how I track my yardage, see this post.

In 2019, I knit...

A hat and a pair of fingerless mitts.

2019 Yarn Stash:
Brought in: 395 yards
Knit up/destashed: 821 yards
Net: -426 yards

I released two new patterns this year:
Lined Drawstring Bag Expansion Pattern

Snack Size Pincushions Pattern

I also wrote a number of informational tutorials:

All About Pincushions

All About Quilting with Double Gauze Fabrics

Orphan Block Sampler Quilt Recipe

How to Cut up a Button Down Shirt

And now, a look back at my 2019 crafty goals to see how I did:

Sewing & Quilting Goals for 2019

- Use up more yardage than I bring in. I'll track my yardage each month to help me stay on target.
I'm very happy with how I did on this goal. This was my fourth year tracking my yardage in/out and I feel like I've really hit my stride. I brought in less than 50 yards of fabric the entire year and I ended the year down 100+ yards. Can't wait to continue this in the new year!

- Make sewing a daily habit, even if it's only for 15 minutes.
This did not happen. I think for next year I need to come up with a specific project that I can work on in little pieces, every day. I'm inspired by Cheryl Arkison's morning make to really make a better effort on this goal in 2020.

- Complete one small scrap project per month.
I managed this every month (and sometimes multiple projects) except December! I got too busy making gifts and forgot to make something. As someone who historically hasn't been great about using scraps, I'm very happy with my progress on this goal. Another goal I'll be focusing on in 2020 too.

- Finish or destash four long-term WIPs.
I finished three long-term quilt WIPs, so I feel pretty good about this goal. I worked some on a fourth, but just didn't build enough momentum to finish it.

- Make a quilt from my chambray stash.
Check! I made Michael a quilt for his birthday from all chambray, you can find it here: Chambray and Denim Flying Geese Quilt

- Sew four new garment or bag patterns, ideally one per quarter.
I did okay on this goal. I wanted to make larger items, but ended up completing this goal on a smaller scale. I sewed up Aneela's speedy vinyl pouch pattern, Anna's minimalist wallet pattern, Jenny's Wiksten Haori, a quilt as you go pouch from Svetlana's book That Handmade Touch* and I made a pillow from a block pattern from Emily's book Modern Quilts Block by Block*.

- Practice a new skill (like hand-quilting, applique, y-seams, curves)
I gave hand-quilting and applique a little try, but didn't give either much attention or practice.

Knitting Goals for 2019

- Use up more yardage than I bring in. I'll track my yardage each month to help me stay on target.
The only knitting goal I met! I did manage to decrease my stash this year.

- Finish a shawl WIP (Briochealicious, Daybreak or Hitchhiker).
I am not sure I even picked up a shawl project the entire year.

- Finish a pair of colorwork mittens.
I didn't finish these, but I started a pair and I have both outside mittens knit except for the thumbs. So definitely over halfway done since the linings will knit up really fast!

- Knit or crochet a softie.
No progress on this.

Crafting Goals for 2019

- Complete a vintage crewel embroidery.
Didn't complete one, but I did start one. Little progress, but better than nothing.

- Weave a table runner.
I put my loom back together, but did not weave at all.

- Make wooden ornaments with the Cricut.
I made two! a start with a floss design on it and a George bunny ornament.

- Create a stash of handmade greeting cards.
No progress on this.

I'll be back to share my 2020 crafty goals later this week!

Happy New Year!

*Note: Any links marked with an asterisk in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click through and buy something, I make a small commission, at no extra cost to you.


  1. You had a busy year. Congratulations! I think it's true that setting goals helps a lot. I really didn't do that for 2019 and it shows. You've inspired me to sit down and think about what I want to accomplish in 2020.

  2. i always enjoy your recap/year in review posts. :) inspires me to make goals! also, is there a tutorial somewhere for that wooden ornament? i have the cricut maker and would love to make some! thanks!

    1. Kind of! I used this tutorial for the idea and the string bit: https://poindextr.wordpress.com/2012/11/25/trim-the-tree-paper-stars/

      I drew up my star in adobe illustrator, imported it into Cricut and cut it out of basswood. Then I drilled holes with a small drill bit. If I made another I'd definitely use a thick cardboard or two layers of cardstock instead as I did have one point crack off and it needed to be glued back on. I'd be happy to share my cut file, just send me a message through my contact form!

  3. Bravo to you for your achievements! It's always interesting to read your reviews each month to see how well you did for yourself. You did so many wonderful and beautiful projects. I love the quilt you made for Michael! Those fabrics are fabulous! Did you make a pattern for that? I made several quilts and a couple pillowcases this past year! They were all gifts for family members having birthdays. I would have liked to accomplish more, but there are days/weeks when my depression gets the best of me. George seems to enjoy the bed you made him! He's such a cute little guy! Happy New Year, Jeni!

    1. Thank you! No pattern for it, but I go into more detail on the size and block size here: https://www.incolororder.com/2019/04/chambray-flying-geese-quilt.html


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