Christmas Patchwork Lined Drawstring Gift Bag

Monday, December 7, 2020

Happy Monday! I'm happy to be sharing another personal finish for the Lined Drawstring Bag Sew Along today. We're heading towards the final week of the sew along, which seems impossible! Time has been going by so fast, and I am excited to share the last tutorial on Wednesday.

This past week I finished up my patchwork lined drawstring gift bag. I have a surprisingly small number of lined drawstring bags made up in Christmas fabric. I don't tend to buy too much holiday fabric, so maybe that's why? I honestly probably need to make a few more so that I have enough to wrap our gifts this year! I usually do a mix of bags and wrapping paper, but I'm planning to mostly use bags this time around.

A few years ago my friend Jacey gave me a stack of really cute Christmas fabric scraps and I've been holding onto them waiting for just the right project. I didn't sew as much with scraps this year as I would have liked, so it felt good to get a scrap project under my belt during the sew along. All these fabrics are so cute, I think I originally wanted to make something that didn't cut them up too much, but I'm pleased with how much that could still shine in this bag.

I chose to make the Project size bag from the lined drawstring bag pattern, since it uses larger squares than the Everything size. I really didn't want to chop up those adorable prints! This patchwork variation is a part of the lined drawstring bag expansion pattern.

Find the patterns in my online shop here:
Lined Drawstring Bag Pattern
Lined Drawstring Bag Expansion Pattern

I struggled a bit trying to decide on an accent fabric to use, but ended up with this olive green faux bois print from an old Joel Dewberry collection. This particular green color is in quite a few of the prints, so I think it works in the end. The bag is a bit busy with all the different patchwork prints, so a neutral might have been a better choice. I'm happy with how it turned out though.

I'm glad I still had some of this dusty navy paracord left for the ties. That color is also in a number of the prints, so it felt like a good unifying choice.

I buy most of my paracord from Bored Paracord* on Etsy.

I love finishing off lined drawstring gift bags by tieing it up in a bow! Makes it look even more festive in my opinion.

Happy Sewing

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  1. Loving your bag tutorials! This is so cute - any clue on selvage for these fabrics? Love the retro look :)

    1. I wish I did! They all came to me as scraps with no selvages :)

  2. Perfect for Christmas and I'm hoping to find time to make two or three in the next two weeks. Thank you for the tutorials.

  3. So, you take really great photos and your blog is perfect; however, did you get a new camera? Those photos above are super clear of your drawstring bags--either way I love your photos--don't worry you don't have to comment.:)
    Happy Holidays.......and thanks for the tutorials...I know it is a lot of work..I really appreciate you and Carolyn both are great..and you both are nice--I've never met either one of you, but you can just tell.

    1. Happy Holidays! That's so kind of you! I didn't get a new camera! Maybe it's the Christmas tree glow? :):)

  4. Great mix of fabrics. This bag is so cute! Did you post about your tree skirt in the past? If not, I'd love to see a photo of that sometime. I hope you post some more ideas for quilted or sewn gifts because I've got the time to make some.

    1. I did! You can find the post here:

      There is a huge library of my past tutorials with some great gift ideas here:

    2. Thanks and have a happy and safe holiday season!


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