Friday Favorites 04

Friday, January 28, 2022

scrap blocks
Happy Friday! I'm back with another Friday Favorites post. Hope your week went well! Let's dive right in.

- I finally started on my new scrap quilt! I knew I wanted to tackle my scraps this year, and a quilt felt like the way to really make a dent. I'm paper piecing the blocks, it's going to be a little twist on a spiderweb quilt.

- Love Katie Gouwens' Single Girl Quilt (found via Instagram). She used many of her favorite fabrics and I just love how soft the colors are. Beautiful quilting too!

- These potholder kits from Purl Soho are really taking me back! I remember having a loom like this (much more basic) when I was a kid. They have so many good colors of the looping material. I'm tempted!

- I bought this vintage metal wall shelf when we lived in our apartment in Madison and it was starting to look a bit dingy. So I painted it this week! I choose a peachy terra cotta color that matches our bathroom mat. My paint job has quite a few imperfections in it but overall I'm pleased with the fresh color!

- I really wish I had somewhere to install giant wooden shelves like these ones by The Sorry Girls (found via Youtube). It would be so fun to fill them up!

- I discovered FranWoodDesign on Etsy* this week. Haven't picked up anything yet, but their artwork really is my style. I'll probably go for one of the black and white prints!

- We visited a new-to-us antique mall over the weekend, the Stratford Antique Center. They had lots of vintage Pyrex, but I ended up coming home with a set of six Vera black and white cloth napkins. A ltitle soak in Oxiclean and they're looking pretty good!

- These 2 cup glass food containers have been a lifesaver for us lately. They're perfect for prepping lunches for the week. We also section out our leftovers right away into these so that there are meals that are easy to grab from the fridge. There are lots of different ones but the anchor hocking ones from walmart seem to be the most reasonably priced.

- It's too cold for any gardening outside, so I'm scratching the itch by growing some microgreens. Right now I have broccoli and mustard microgreens growing. They're really easy to grow and quite tasty. We also love radish and kohlrabi microgreens. We use a scaled down version of this method and buy our microgreen seeds (any seeds will work, you just need a lot of them!) from Johnny's Seeds.

- I made something sort of ridiculous this week. A tiny pillow for Dusty! She needed her own pillow, since she sleeps between us every night. She has actually used it, which is adorable.

Have a Great Weekend!

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  1. Dusty looks adorable all curled up on her pillow. Look at those toe beans! Crafting things for your pets isn't ridiculous...well, maybe it is, but join the club. I know people who have made pillows, beds, toys and even jackets for their dogs. I have made a snuffle mat and a snuffle ball for my new pup. It's a blast, have fun!

    1. Thank you! I enjoyed making beds for George so it seems only fair that I make stuff for Dusty!

  2. That is a sweet pillow. I really like the glass containers and try to store the leftovers in them right away. I freeze mine so I have variety and frozen food ready whenever I want.

  3. Making loop potholders is fun! I made a lot as a kid and started again a few years back. I always thought the regular ones were small, at 6x6; the pro are huge at 8x8. There is a potholder wizard at which is fun to design with.

    1. Wow, that is so cool!! I will definitely use that when I break down and buy the supplies. Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. I live really close to the Stratford Antique Center! Do you live in Connecticut? Those napkins are beautiful! Are you going to use them in a quilt or actually as napkins?

  5. I love that pillow!! Our cat sleeps with us too, I think she needs a pillow.

    1. Thank you! Yes, she totally does need a pillow :):)

  6. JENI! Thanks so much for the shout out! :) <3 <3


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