New and Improved Stash Tracking Worksheet (with Formulas!)

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

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Happy Wednesday! I wasn't planning on posting this today, but I wanted to share it as soon as possible so that you can take advantage of it. I decided to update my Stash Tracking Worksheet! It now has the formulas built in so that you can plug in your information and it will do all the math automatically for you!

I made a little video to show you how to use it, and so that you can see the formulas work in action before you get started. (If you want! If you're comfortable using spreadsheets it's pretty straightforward to use.)

If the video doesn't show up here, click this link to watch it on Youtube.

I've created two versions of the worksheet. The first version works in Microsoft Excel. And the second version works in Google Sheets. That way if you don't have access to Excel, you can still use it! Google Sheets is free to use with a Google account. Make sure you download the right one though, as the formulas don't seem to translate between the two. Download the one you'd like to use below:

IMPORTANT: You will need to save these files in order to edit them. They are read-only so that they stay blank for everyone who wants to use them! See instructions below for how to use each version.

Download the Excel Worksheet: 2022 Stash Tracking Worksheet (Excel)
For the Excel version you will need to download it to your computer and open it in Excel in order to edit it. Do this by clicking the link above. Then within Google Sheets go to File >> Download >> Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) to download the file to your computer.

Download the Google Sheets Worksheet: 2022 Stash Tracking Worksheet (Google Sheets)
For the Google Sheets version you will need to save a copy of the file to your own Google Drive in order to edit it. Do this by clicking the link above. Then within Google Sheets go to File >> Make a Copy to save it to your Google Drive.

The older simplified version of the tracking worksheet will remain available, you can find it here: 2017 Stash Tracking Blank Spreadsheet

**Megan Wenger (@lifeofmegananne) has put together an even further expanded stash tracking worksheet and has graciously decided to share it with you all! It has added columns for destash and product sales and she added some of the yardage calculators on a seperate sheet. You can download it here: 2024 Net Fabric Zero Challenge Tracker

If you're new to stash tracking and want more information on how to do it, check out this blog post: How I Track My Fabric and Yarn Yardage

I've also made a permanent page that will live in the header above called "Sewing Room Organization" that will have all the organization series posts as well as any information posts related to stash. You'll find the tracking post there, stash storage ideas, fabric folding tutorial, etc.

Happy Tracking!


  1. Great video! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Thank you for sharing this! I am excited to start tracking in 2022.

  3. I love a great excel sheet. Thank you trying it this year. I track projects done but not buying.

  4. Oooh thank you. My husband wishes I was more like you on the techno front! I've downloaded (all by myself!!!!!) and had a play - all works well and now I have to fill it all in! LOL!
    I'll keep the paper version by the machines so that I can jot down numbers and fill the Excel version in after. So far a big fat zero! Oh the shame!

  5. Really useful spreadsheet, thank you. I hadn't considered tracking the fabric that I use (and buy!) until I read this but I think it's a great idea. I starting tracking some of my projects last year, but hadn't previously added in the fabric used. definitely now motivated to start keeping better records.


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