Friday Favorites 11

Friday, March 18, 2022

Happy Friday! It's time for another Friday Favorites post.

- It's almost Spring, hooray! The Hellebore that I planted last year is starting to come up! I got lucky this year and was able to get one from Trader Joes for only $10! I planted it this week, pretty close to my first one.

- I love seeing other people's workspaces, especially when they're lived in. Lucie Summers shared hers here.

- Thrifted another puzzle* this week. I can't wait to do this one, the colors are so pretty and fresh!

- I'm continuing on my mission to update old blog posts. This week I refreshed this post, to hopefully make it a bit more useful!

- S and S Handcrafted have some adorable moon themed lined drawstring bag kits* available in their Etsy shop!

- My next woodworking project is all lined up: an overhead camera rig. This will allow me to more easily take overhead shots and hopefully shoot some more video tutorials too!

- I picked up this book* from the library this week, and I've got a bunch of recipes bookmarked already. I need a few new cookies to add to my rotation of go-tos. I've already tried the chocolate hazelnut thumbprints, they're good. Super chocolatey!

- We tried the double freeze-thaw preparation for tofu as outlined in this recipe. It gave it such an interesting texture! We'll definitely be doing this again.

- A few weeks ago I picked up this little counter sweep* on a whim at my local hardware store. I've been loving it!! I really dislike sweeping up counter crumbs with a sponge, this little thing is a bit silly but has been making a task I dislike more enjoyable.

- Dusty enjoying the sun.

Have a Great Weekend!

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