Record Cabinet Storage Baskets

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Happy Wednesday! Today I want to share a little home decor project I've worked on putting together over the past year, our little music station!

This spot in our living room was once occuppied by George bunny's play area. After he passed I immediately filled this wall with our armchairs and small table just so that it wouldn't be empty. We knew that was a temporary solution until we could decide what to do with the space. We ended up deciding to set up a music station here, centered around our record collection. Pretty much ever since Michael and I started dating (14 years ago, whoa!), we've been collecting vinyl together, and we've never really had a nice place to display it.

As if we could ever look over to this view without thinking of George, we hung some bunny artwork over the cabinet. The watercolor portrait on the left is by Kayanna Nelson, the center portrait is by Melissa Averinos, and the art print on the right is by Little City Love. We pulled it all together with the garland I had custom made for our wedding by Aidie's Hideaway (they've since closed their shop). Lots of meaningful stuff in this little stretch of wall.

A few quick details on the actual cabinet. I really would like a vintage mid-century cabinet, but while I wait to find the perfect one I decided to put together something that could be repurposed one day. It's actually two Eket cabinets from Ikea (ours are mustard, which they no longer sell it seems), which is great because they can be seperated and used for somewhere else when I find my dream cabinet! The legs from Ikea were perpetually out of stock so I ended up with these legs from Home Depot.

The cabinets are able to hold our entire vinyl collection, CD collection, plus all the electronics. Our receiver, turntable and speakers, plus our $6 thrifted CD player. I still need to manage the cords underneath a bit better, but for now it's been working great for us.

I wasn't too interested in any of the baskets from Ikea that fit this cabinet, so of course I decided to make something! These are super simple, they're basically just square tote bags without handles. They're completely square, approximately 11.5" tall, wide, and deep. They fit nicely inside the cubbies. I did add little leather pulls to the fronts, mostly just for looks. My rivet installation skills could use some work!

I used some cotton linen yardage that I've had for many years, I beleive it's a Kokka print. I also used some Essex Linen in natural paired with the print. I know I used interfacing, but I can't remember what kind!

I didn't want to use up all my yardage of this print, so I only used it on the front of the baskets. I wasn't sure if it would work out, but it did! You can't tell that only the front has the print until you pull the basket out. Perfect! So glad I did that.

Of course Dusty had to help me take photos. So helpful!

I'm really happy with how this space turned out. I want to make a new runner for the top at some point, but otherwise it's done for now! Unless we're watching TV we pretty much always have music playing in our house, so it feels right to have a dedicated space for music. One note on vinyl records, when we put this space together I decided to catalog our record collection and discovered Discogs. It's like Ravelry but for your music collection. Just wanted to mention it because I've really loved it, in case anyone is interested.

Happy Sewing!


  1. I love the clean lines of the bookcases and the linen print for the front of your baskets. So smart to use the print only on the front.

  2. Great project you did a super job


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