Friday Favorites 37

Friday, September 23, 2022

Happy Friday! It's time for another Friday Favorites post! Catch up on previous posts here: Friday Favorites Archives

- I recently repurposed a cute planter as a little trash can on my sewing table. Perfect for containing trimmings and threads!

- I took a Skillshare class this week: Bullet Journaling: Life Management for Creatives by Dylan Mierzwinski. It was really inspiring and I immediately started my own bullet journal! (You can get a free month of Skillshare by using my link, if you're interested!)

- These Halloween drawstring bags that Sarah made with my Lined Drawstring Bag Pattern are so cute!

- I bought fabric! In person, at a new-to-me fabric shop here in CT, Cate's Sew Modern. I've bought so little fabric this year, I didn't want to go overboard. It was a super cute shop, I'll be back for sure!

- This logcabin quilt top by JB is what vintage sheet dreams are made of!

- This lone star quilt by Coulter Fussell made "entirely of thrown away/discarded/donated/used fabric, threads and notions" is incredible.

- It was our 7th wedding anniversary this week! We celebrated with a special dinner out. (photo by Dennis Crider)

- I want to try out this cute heart mani.

- This video on Midwest pot luck salads had me cackling!

- Sweet, sleepy kitty.

Have a Great Weekend!


  1. Love love love FF! Look forward each Friday!

  2. Happy anniversary! Loved the photos, especially of your sleepy kitty. Have you made her a quilt yet? Years ago I had a yorkie who would not stay out of my block stash. Hubby suggested she may want a quilt. I made she (and her sister) a quilt each and she never went into the stash again, and LOVED that quilt. When they each passed away (they lived for 13 and 14 years) they were each buried in their quilts. Our fur babies love quilts, too!

    1. Thank you! That is so sweet. I haven't made one specifically for her yet, but she loves to snuggle on any quilt. Maybe I finally need to dig out the cat quilt pattern I've had for years!!

  3. Happy anniversary! What a lovely wedding photo. Dusty looks cute as ever - she's a very lucky kitty. Thank you for the links, always interesting. Cheers, Kerry (not anonymous really!)

  4. Happy anniversary! Love the photo. I like seeing bags that people have made with your patern.


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