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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Happy Wednesday! Today I want to chat about my newest pattern, the Keep Turning Quilt Pattern.

You can find the new pattern for sale here: Keep Turning Quilt Pattern

I'm so excited to be releasing this pattern in particular, because I think the design would look so cute in lots of different fabric and color combinations! I originally designed this quilt for Quilts & More Magazine in 2020, and it has been a requested pattern ever since then.

Read more about this quilt here: Keep on Turning Quilt

This pattern is a real stash buster! It was written for fat quarters or jelly roll strips, but I've included instructions for cutting from lots of other yardage sizes too, so that you can cut from your stash or your scrap bin. I had Fall in mind when I was choosing fabrics for my quilt. I wanted to work with some nice rich, Fall inspired colors. That season also makes me want to reach for more textured fabrics, so I choose Essex Linen in Natural for the background fabric. The prints are a mix of new and old from my stash.

The quilt takes advantage of strip piecing, so it comes together really fast. The pattern includes six sizes, hooray! The cover quilt is the Small Throw (48"x64"). All six quilt sizes have the same size finished blocks.

As I mentioned this pattern includes SIX sizes, including: Baby (32"x40"), Small Throw (48"x64"), Large Throw (64"x80"), Twin (72"x96"), Full/Queen (96"x104"), King (112"x104")

Think of the print fabric requirements as a minimum. Feel free to mix in even more prints for a scrappier look. I recommend using quilting cottons or other medium-weight fabrics for this quilt. For the sample quilt I used quilting cottons along with some Essex Linen for the background. You could even choose to use multiple fabrics for the background too, and go really scrappy! I think that could be really fun.

I made the cover quilt in the very beginning of quarantine in Spring 2020, so it was all about using what I had on hand. I mixed new and old fabrics from my stash for the top. The backing fabric was something I had held onto for nearly 10 years, and it was so fun to finally use it. Being able to mix it in seamlessly with new fabrics was really satisfying.

Making quilts just from stash can sometimes feel a little unexciting if you're only using older fabrics. I find that including a few prints that are newer keeps the quilt looking fresh and helps me stay motivated to finish it!

You can find the new pattern for sale here: Keep Turning Quilt Pattern

Happy Quilting!

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